WordPress Client Server Help?

Question by –: WordPress Client Server Help?
I have already set up an account with WordPress, and now I am trying to upload this theme that I have on my computer that I downloaded from the WordPress Theme Gallery, I’ve already downloaded the FileZilla program needed, but I am stuck on what to put into the host, username, and password. I don’t know where to get the IP or host name that was “supposed” to be given on WordPress. Can anyone please help? Thank you so, so much in advance!

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Answer by Peter B.
WordPress is the name of not only the free blog site, WordPress.com, but the actual software that powers your blog. Anybody can download the WordPress software, it’s free to do so.

If by ‘set up an account with WordPress’ you mean you’ve set up a free WordPress blog at www.wordpress.com, unfortunately you can’t upload custom themes. If you’ve got a WordPress blog hosted somewhere else then you will need to contact your host.

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