Where to Find More WordPress Themes via bluehost?

Question by Jennifer: Where to Find More WordPress Themes via bluehost?
I just imported (or am in the process) my wordpress.com blog to my bluehost hosted site. When I had the free wordpress, I had the Forever theme. Now with Bluehost, there are only a few themes to choose from on WordPress. Can I download the Forever theme somewhere or are there more themes I can browse that are similar to that style? Right now I only see a few themes. I think my wordpress.com content is still in the process of importing. It’s been doing so for about an hour now. Is that normal with a lot of content? Thanks.

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Answer by Arun V
Hey you can install any number of themes using the WordPress dashboard. Alternatively, you could search the required theme on Google or yahoo search engines and download them and upload to your blog Its simple and easy

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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    In your WordPress Dashboard, go to “Appearance” -> “Themes” and click the tab at the top that says “Install Themes”. From there you can search the WordPress repository for your theme and new themes and install them directly from there.

    Easy peasy.

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