using a wordpress theme i downloaded?

Problem by Still Learning: utilizing a wordpress theme i downloaded?
so i discovered this theme
and i want to use it on weblog it can be a ‘wordpress theme’ but as far as i can see there is no way to import it on wordpress. you can obtain the css, but that wont let me to import the concept, right? how can i use this theme? i am not opposed to using another internet hosting website, i just like

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Answer by Sherry
The concept you downloaded is meant to be used on a self-hosted WordPress set up. That means you will have set up the WordPress computer software from WordPress.ORG onto your personal net server. Then you can upload the concept and use it on your individual set up.

But you currently have a WordPress.COM blog. Which means you are making use of their hosting and their WordPress set up. It has a good deal more constraints than a self-hosted WordPress weblog. You can browse themes on and use what you uncover. But you can’t go elsewhere on the web and find themes, this kind of as the a single you joined to, and “upload” it to a WordPress.COM blog.

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  1. Unfortunately you can’t use downloaded themes in blog. You have to use to be able to change themes, and edit them.

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