To any Web Designer(s): Seeking advice about starting a web design business?

Question by C D: To any Web Designer(s): Seeking advice about starting a web design business?
I am a 2004 college graduate with a B. S. in Information Systems. I have tried to look for a job in web design since 2004, but most employers want people who have been designing web pages professionally for at least 3 years and up . I know HTML, CSS, some Javascript, and a little ASP.NET. I may not be the type of web designer that a company is looking for, so this is what has prompted me to go into business for myself. I want to design web pages for a living, but the pages that I will design will be very basic web pages (none of the fancy flash animations, or even a search menu, shopping cart or anything like that). Fortunately, I have a brother who is an artist and who is very good at creating graphics (not flash animation though).

I am trying to find out:

1. How much to charge for my services (being that I have some, although limited experience)

2. How and where to look for potential customers.

I already have a name in mind for my business. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Answer by WebDesignerScotty
Start with local businesses: chiropracters, accountants, real estate, etc. You can even post on craigslist. Offer the first five for free as long as they give you a testimonial. From there you’ll have a portfolio and testimonials. Keep approaching local professional services. You should be able to get at least $ 500 per site for basic brochure type websites. From there you can have a portfolio and build onto bigger gigs.

You also may just want to come up with an idea yourself and put up a website for it. Because it sounds like you also want to do some programming.

The main thing is to also keep networking, keep growing your list of contacts and prospects. Let everyone you know that you’re a designer.

By the way, I’ve pretty much moved to WordPress for local professional website design. Think about that so that might help you with getting some sites out quickly so you can earn more money.

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