Setting Up Your Template: Postcards

Setting Up Your Template: Postcards

The main purpose of postcard printing is to provide a company with the ability to get a quick, short advertisement to their customers as fast as possible. You won’t often see marketing more direct and to the point than postcards.

The faster you can get them out the better your chances will be of gaining people’s attention, especially if you’re going to be discussing upcoming sales or current events, where a delay would be deadly to your sales. This is, after all, the greatest advantage of postcards.

And this is also why many companies use templates for their postcards. With postcard templates you can already have the basic framing for your postcards set, which means you can design them that much faster, and get them to your customers that much faster.

But what exactly makes the best postcard templates?

First, plan out what you want on both sides of the postcard. You have two sides, so make good use of both of them. Next, decide on the type of message being sent with each postcard, which in turn will impact what kind of images you use.

I’ve seen postcards with almost nothing but a picture and a short message, such as letting people know a company has moved to a new address. The reverse is a text heavy postcard talking about an upcoming sale and all the details a person needs to know about it.

Each had a distinctively different layout, and neither would’ve been the same if they had used the other kind of layout. This means you aren’t always going to be able to have just a single template for every postcard you send.

Instead form multiple templates with a basic idea behind them. Get your sale template, your announcement template, or your general business promotion template. Some will be picture heavy, others text heavy, and yet others a mixture of the two. Even within these fields you might want to get two different choices, if not a few more, to make sure you always have variety.

Postcards are sent out on a greater frequency than other kinds of advertising, and if you’re using the exact same layout for all of them people will begin to notice. But if you have a few different ones you alternate between you’ll have a greater success.

Given the simplicity in a postcard design it shouldn’t be difficult to create a few of them all at once. You’ll be saving yourself time in the long hall by not having to make one every single time you have another postcard campaign coming up.

Just be sure you’re using the right layout for the message you’re sending. The great thing is, once you have your system in place and your templates made, all future postcard-marketing pushes will be a breeze. That convenience is well worth the initial time and money.

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