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I know you can use wordpress to host a free of charge site or website or you can use wordpress with your own paid domain. My query is, can I get commenced by making use of the free of charge hosting presented by wordpress and then later on transfer what I have into a paid out domain and still maintain every little thing in tact?

Also, if I do conclude up paying out for a domain and utilizing wordpress will I nevertheless be able to use wordpress themes and set advertisement on my internet site? Or do they not enable to use their themes if you are generating cash from someplace?

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Answer by Ariel
I am rather sure sure you can maintain all your website intact and sure you can use their themes although advertising and marketing.

If I recall, there is an selection to include your personal domain to your website. If this is the situation, every thing would be the same, it’s just on your new domain. At quite minimum, there must be an alternative to backup/export your whole weblog, and you can just add that to your new weblog. I’ve completed the latter among two paid weblogs.

They will not treatment about themes and they never care about adverts, though there are limitations to what sort of coding you can do when WordPress is hosting the website. I know if you get your very own paid out hosting (for like $ 50 or $ 100 a yr from whoever) you can place a wordpress website up and you have complete manage. Experiment on a blog if your advertisements work. Including the domain adjustments nothing at all.

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