Q&A: What is a good blogging site I could use?

Question by sandra n: What is a very good blogging website I could use?
I want to start a site and I have employed internet sites like WordPress and Blogger but they just annoy me. What are other good running a blog internet sites I could use?

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Answer by butters
Individuals are the only kinds I have utilised. No one particular blogs any more. Get a Twitter.

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  1. What kind of blog are you trying to start? If you’re starting a personal blog, free services from WordPress.com or Blogger.com is good enough. If you are not happy with them, you probably won’t be happy with other services too, since WordPress and Blogger are the two most widely used platform.

    If you are wanting to build a professional blog, I suggest getting a web host and install WordPress on it. Self-hosted WordPress offers much more flexibility and will take your blog further with its huge collection of plugins and themes.

  2. If you hate all those coding stuff that comes with WordPress and Blogger, try Tumblr. It’s more user-friendly and easier to use, plus, you can make money out of your blog.

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