Q&A: Installing a custom theme for WordPress?

Question by Just a Girl: Installing a custom made concept for WordPress?
I have been trying to get my custom theme uploaded Eternally and no one can seem to support me. I host through ipage and use wordpress for my blog. I obtain a concept referred to as rockwell from concept forest to use on my web site. So I downloaded my theme to my desktop and extracted the files. Two folders appeared on my desktop. In the initial folder there is a rockwell.zip file and a few other folders that say documentation, PSD and license.

In the second folder is a file that states rockwell_wp_themeV1.four.9 I am not confident what sort of file this is. I just know it is not a .zip file. Then there is also a folder in there that when I open it up it has a handful of folders inside of that say Documentation, PSD, etc. It looked like it has all the same details as the 1st folder but with no the .zip file.

Well I went to wordpress and I tried to upload the rockwell.zip file I discovered in the first folder on my desktop but wordpress sits there for a great 5 minutes then it often goes to a completely white screen that says installation failed at the tab or it will say are you positive? and I click that and it just delivers me back again to the them page once again.

Nicely because that failed to function I went into the second folder and extra that rockwell_wp_themeV1.4.nine to my archive as a .zip file. Nicely when I create that in wordpress it truly states put in efficiently, but then I get a bunch of long mistakes beneath it. When I go back to the major concept page it says design sheet is lacking.

So I do not know what to do. When I go to my manage panel the file that appears following I uploaded the .zip file in wordpress is fully blank. I see a style.css in the unzipped file on my desktop so I was just messing about and tried adding that in my file manager and then it just disappeared off of wordpress all jointly. Any support would be appreciated.
Certainly I read it. He isn’t going to have anything in there for the installation. Just on how to use it the moment you install it.

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Solution by nosmirc flen
Have you by possibility examine the documentation? It will notify you just what you require to upload. That’s why the thememakers create the documentation. 🙂

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  1. Assuming you kept both the folders, try this:

    (1) Go to your file manager and get rid of everything Rockwell-related on the site.

    (2) Log into WP and select Appearance/Themes, then select the Install Themes tab.

    (3) On the next screen, select Upload and then use the browse box to find rockwell.zip.

    (4) Press “Install Now.”

    If this theme was designed correctly, WordPress should do all the dirty work from this point on, and it shouldn’t take more than a few seconds.

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