Q&A: How do I start a blog on wordpress?

Question by : How do I start a blog on wordpress?
I want to set up a blog, but I’m clueless. I saw a nice free theme that could be downloaded. As far as I understand, wordpress.com doesn’t let you upload themes, so what kind of upgrade should I buy to do so? Am I on the wrong wordpress and should be on .org? Also, what is a host and why should I buy one? I tried looking through the wp faq but I wouldn’t call it very user friendly.

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Answer by Raven2099
well… depends do you want to host it yourself (hard way)
or use a free host (easy way)

i’ll assume you want the easy way…

goto http://wordpress.com/ and sign up it’s free
now log in and wright your thoughts and desires
link it to your facebook and twitter…

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  1. A web host is when you pay a company to let you put your site into their computer…
    Paid hosting gets you some benefits, and access to your wp files is part of the privilege of self hosting.

    Blogging on wordpress.com locks you into a platform that you can’t do much with.

    You can do more with blogspot.

    There is tumblr, which you can modify like crazy, for free…

    If you are just starting out, you may want to use a free host for a while, before finding a paid host. If you think wordpress wasn’t user-friendly, wait until you’re trying to install wordpress at your webspasce, and they’re telling you that they don’t help with outside applications!

    There’s a lot of difficult to understand information out there, and the option is to pay someone to install it for you, and then you still won’t know how to do anything with it…

    Good luck!

  2. As an avid WordPress user for many years, here’s some answers for you.

    WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

    WordPress.com is the free version of WordPress. The only reason I think anyone should use a free blog from there (my opinion) is if they only care about writing content and are not worried about making money, customizing their site, advertising, expanding down the road, etc.

    Like you noticed, you can’t upload a custom theme; you cannot edit your theme; you cannot install any plugins, etc.

    On the flip side, WordPress.org is the “self-hosted” WordPress blog area. This means you download the software for free, purchase web hosting (somewhere around $ 10 or less per month), and then install WordPress on it. Now you’re free to customize WP any way you want, offer advertising spots, promote affiliate products to make money, install plugins, etc.

    The only downside is that you have to take care of upgrades and security yourself.

    What is a host and why you need one

    In short, a web host is a company who you buy / rent “disk space” from in which you can upload your files to, in this case it’s WordPress. Once there, you can install WordPress and then people will be able to come to your website / blog.

    In other words, a web hosting account allows you to upload files so that they can be viewed on the Internet.

    Installing WordPress

    If you’re brand new to web hosting stuff (which I gather you are), then WordPress might seem a little difficult at first to install because you also have to create a database and link it to your WordPress files. So you’ll have to do 3 things to get it installed:

    1. Download WP from WordPress.org and then upload it to your host
    2. Set up a database on your hosting account
    3. Install WordPress and link it to your database (very simplistic overview)

    Which Web Host to Use to Make Your Life Easy

    Go with http://wpbloghost.com/wordpress-hosting.html for hosting. They have a hosting package which starts at $ 6.95/mo. and it already includes WordPress installed…. so you can skip the installing WordPress thing.

    You buy the hosting, WordPress is waiting there already installed.

    There’s also a video on that page I linked to. It takes you through the buying process of their hosting so you can understand it better.

    Good luck.

  3. 1. Buy domain + Hosting from same company.
    2. Get Linux hosting with cpanel. They will give you – the domain people.
    3. From cpanel , there is a software called “Fantastico” which makes your job idiot-proof.
    4. 1 click install wordpress, 1 click install themes, 1 click – activate.
    5. Very very simple.
    6. 100s of FREE , good themes available.

  4. Easy answer:

    Go to a web host like godaddy.com. By a hosting account (linux) and a domain (yoursite.com). Then you can talk to support about installing your wordpress account for you or you can simply do the easy install they provide. 5 minutes later you should be up and running your own self hosted wordpress blog. If you want a detailed tutorial there is a site that has an ebook on it.

    Check it out:

  5. Yes, the free WordPress hosting is limited. The host is what makes your web pages work.

    WordPress.com = free host
    WordPress.org = software developer (downloads, not hosting)

    With wordpress.com you can upgrade to a paid plan but it gets quite expensive and there will always be limitations the way they host.

    You should get a professional WordPress hosting plan at http://easydch.com/wordpress because that way you get total control of your website! You can use any theme you want as well as plug-ins etc.

    You can get the professional WP hosting at http://easydch.com/wordpress for less than upgrading your wordpress.com account. And that way you get to make your website how you want!

  6. You dont have to actually, if you buy managed wordpress hosting. buy from some reputed hosting companies or the inventors of the managed wordpress hosting itself hostguts.com
    good luck.

  7. In addition to all the advice above, if you want all the advantages of your own domain name and total control over your site but are technically challenged, you might want to take a look at a total WordPress hosting and management service. See my resources below for more information.

    If you go this route you can literally have your own WP site up and running in a couple of minutes.

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