Q&A: how do I keep my domain name, but move to another webhosting company?

Question by fernandez8607: how do I keep my domain name, but move to another webhosting company?
I have a website and I am not happy with the web hosting company. I know that I can keep the name, because I registered the name. What other steps do I need to take and can you suggest other companies for designing website and hosting?

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Answer by Brandon
If you control your name, you just need to point the dns servers where you have it registered to the new host account.

For excellent support and very reliable service, I do like ICDSoft best. There are cheaper. They are, um, cheaper.

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  1. Ask the support team of the web hosting service you intend to treansfer to. Their support team will send you a step by step guide.

    Some web hosts have made even this process easier. For example when signing up for BH, they ask you enter your existing domain name, then they transfer your domain automaticly on their web hosting servers.

    As an experienced webmaster I recommend BH web hosting which I’m sure it would work for you and fulfill all your requirements. They have a really great offer for hosting & I have used them for over 3 yrs now, and have never had a single problem with them.

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    Hope This Helps.

  2. Yeah, you can keep the domain name.

    Although, since you plan to cancel your hosting with your current hosting providers, there’s no need to leave your domain name with them.

    You can transfer that domain name, either to your next host or to a 3rd party domain name registrat (like Namecheap or Godaddy).

    Since most hosting companies offer a free domain name (either a brand new registration or a transfer) you can switch that domain name to them.

    For hosting I recommend one of these http://www.webhostingtable.com

    Fatcow has the best offer right now.
    Their standard price is $ 88/year
    but they have the 50% sale right now.

    Disk space: Unlimited
    Bandwidth: Unlimited
    A Free domain name
    Unlimited domains and subdomains

    Price: $ 44/year

    They’re one of the oldest hosting companies, founded 1998, they’re also one of the largest, currently hosting about 500,000 websites.
    Their hosting plan includes a web builder, so you can create your site just by drag and drop (without any programming), or you could install WordPress (easy, one click install from their control panel), choose a theme that you like, and start adding content.

  3. First check you have DNS control you need that to point to your new hosting some companies charge extra for DNS control others it free.

    all domain registrars and hosting companies have FAQ pages you should
    check them to find out how to change DNS

    For designing a website I recommend you use wordpress it’s free and it’s not just for blogs, there are thousands of free themes (templates) to choose from.

    I use two hosts both are good

    I often use http://hosting24.com for the hosting with a coupon you get $ 2off each month use
    coupon code: (SAVE-$ 2-EVERY-MONTH) or (SAVE-$ 24) they both work for monthly or yearly payments

    and http://1-2-5.com who are godaddy resellers

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