Q&A: How can I make WordPress my website homepage?

Question by flightman24: How can I make WordPress my website homepage?
I have a self hosted website and I want to get WordPress. I know how to upload the files and stuff, but I want to keep this theme


How can I do this?

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Answer by Steve
You will need to download WordPress from the WordPress.org site and install it on your webserver by unpacking the files and uploading them to the site root. Once you have wordpress installed you can download the theme that you linked. Unzip this file and upload the directory to the wp-content/themes/ directory on the site. Once the directory is in the theme directory you should be able to use the Theme picker inside of wordpress admin to chose the new theme you uploaded.

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3 thoughts on “Q&A: How can I make WordPress my website homepage?

  1. The template link that you have selected is a html / css design but it is not a wordpress theme, so you can not use it for wordpress out-of-the-box as explained in the answers above.

    Further more that design does not include all the elements required to make a wordpress theme, such as the design of the full article, comment and comment form.

    If you really like the design you can get in converted to wordpress by a wordpress theme designer (just search on google) or contact for help at blog-install.com

  2. First off you will need to download WordPress, it’s free and simple to install. Once you have ran the install you can download the default theme which is what you’ll be editing.

    Here’s what I did, I downloaded the default theme by downloading the WordPress package from WordPress.org and then opened up the default theme folder.

    Now, I don’t know how good you are with coding, you could always do it without knowledge of HTML or CSS, but it helps if you do. You need to replace the CSS script in the default folder with your one, you then need to embed the PHP pages in your HTML with the PHP placed inside the HTML where the content will appear. You’ll need to set the title in the title tags as what you want to title to be for everypage as the HTML is not dynamic. Doing this should then place the WordPress content inside your content section and it will follow the rules of your CSS. Upload both the new default file and the CSS (make sure you link to your CSS in the head part of the HTML) and it should put the WordPress content in your theme.

    It’s probably best to delete the sidebar, footer and header as well so that they can use the ones in your your design.

    I’ve also uploaded a small tutorial on my forum website here: http://lordmax.info/wphowto/

    Good luck,


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