Q&A: How can I install a new theme for my wordpress blog?

Problem by Kaveh E: How can I install a new concept for my wordpress blog?
Hey guys…
I have a dilemma and my dilemma is that i dont like the themes in wordpress… so i downloaded a number of added kinds and i want to set up them on my wordpress blog… and i dont know how to set up them…

i have searched on google about this and i discovered a few solutions but non of them labored for me.

fo example:

if you get a look at this web site… it claims: “Employing an FTP shopper to entry your host net server, create a directory to include your topic in the wp-content material/themes directory provided by WordPress. For instance, a concept named “th_concept” ought to be in wp-material/themes/th_concept.”

I did just the same factor… but my inquiries is that Wherever Ought to I UPLOAD THEM? I have a free ftp account … and i uloaded them there…. but how is it feasible to upload a thing in other ftps and then u can select it in ur WORDPRESS settings? lol


many thanks

Best solution:

Reply by Jason
Is that a free wordpress web site or a single with your personal domain? You have hosting, proper? As they explained, use an FTP application to access your internet hosting server. Seem for the folder wp-material (ought to be under your domain folder). Then ambigu-click the “themes” folder inside of the wp-material folder. Then upload the topic file into there.

Right after you have performed that, go to your WordPress dashboard in which you admin your weblog. Go to themes and if everything’s proper, you must see the new themes becoming an alternative to choose from.

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