MLM Versus Affiliate Marketing Part 1

Many people are looking for real ways to make money online. Two of the most common ways of making money that people consider are MLM & Affiliate Marketing. This is Part 1 of 2 videos giving detailed information about MLM and Affiliate Marketing so anyone who is trying to decide which one they would like to choose can make an educated decision based on the information given in this video. In this video, I discuss mostly MLM and in the second video I focus more on Affiliate Marketing. If you don’t know, MLM stands for Multi Level Marketing. It’s called Multi Level Marketing because you recruit people into your business and the people you recruit also do the same which creates income on different levels beneath you. I’m a 16 year plus veteran of the MLM industry and it has been good to me in times past. But is it still a good way to make money now? Watch this video to hear my discussion about it. If you really want to learn the Right Way to make money on the internet; here is something that I highly recommend: Take care & God bless you in your Decision. Excited About Changing Lives, Ivan Harris, Sr. “The Value Creator” (228) 697-7751

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