Introducing Me – Nick Jonas – Lyrics Video – Camp Rock 2 the Final Jam

MORE LYRIC VIDEOS AT *Made by Allison ( or ) http ****Answer to Comment Questions 1. How did you make it?: A: I created all the graphics (such as the “cheese”, pizza, quesadilla, and etc) on adobe photoshop and adobe premiere elements 2. How Long did it take you: A: a little less then 3 days. 3: Are you a professional? A: Absolutely not. I’m only 18 and Just graduated from High School last year. I have never taken a computer/graphic design class. 5. Are you a graphic designer? A: Nope…but that is something I am looking into majoring yet…but I’m not too sure yet. 4. How did people miss the like button? A: I have no clue.
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