How to design a web for free and getting its domain?

Issue by Franky: How to layout a web for free of charge and acquiring its domain?
Franky talking I acquired a site to created and I acquired money for designing it but I genuinely dont know any thing about the designing and world wide web web hosting. I need to have a suggestion what really should I do know

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Answer by Kai
the site can assist you

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  1. You can build as many websites as you want, but to buy a domain you need to spend some money for the registrar of the domain to include it on their DNS servers. A domain just points to the computer that contains the web files for that site.

    1 Computer can host an infinite amount of domains. If you had a fixed IP address at home, you can host that many yourself, but you would still have to buy and register a domain name for each site.

    That is unless you setup and run a DNS bind server, then you can be your own GoDaddy and sell domain names yourself. (as well as host them.)

    DNS= Domain Name Server. When a person enters a Domain Name, it looks up on the DNS server where to find the computer (By IP Address) that houses the site.

  2. if you are thinking of designing the site yourself then my suggestion is to start with WordPress, they are easy to use, they have ready templates so just choose the template you like and finish the rest, I will provide you with the top 10 creative wordpress themes, now after you design your site and it is all ready to go, you will need a hosting so follow the link to get coupons for any 10 top hosting companies out there and read there reviews, and when you buy hosting they will provide you with a free domain name so you don’t have to pay for one, now if you want to buy it now you can use the third link below and it will cost you about 10 bucks. if you find it too hard to do it yourself the contact the last link I provided see their work and let them know what you want and I guarantee you will get the cheapest price and you will end up keeping the rest of what you earned (probably)

    Good luck man!

  3. Register your domain name, Domain names are registered on an annual basis, and you can usually register it many years in advance. Get a web host and build a website. The easiest way to build a website is to use your web host’s website builder (assuming they have one)

  4. First you need a domain. You can get it from godaddy. It will cost you less than 10 bucks a year. some extension like .info will be cheaper

    then you need hosting. Usually it is less 10 dollars a month if you are not hosting multiple website. You can get it from site like hostgator/dreamhost etc

    If you don’t know how to designs a website, you can ask someone to code it for you. You can use photoshop to create the layout (or just cut and paste picture of other website). The designer will do the coding for you. usually it will cost at least $ 100 for a simple website

  5. You can design it using dreamweaver. You can use wordpress or drupal or joomla there. Then you need to add your domain to your hosting. You need to upload the files to cpanel. I think thats all.

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