How to change the theme of wordpress?

Query by phoenixashes: How to change the theme of wordpress?
I have a weblog from I have witnessed several websites with free of charge themes for wordpress. But to set up them it occurred to be that I have to have the wordpress two.5 software from

I downloaded WordPress two.five but was clueless as to how to use it. I was advised I ought to have a net internet hosting internet site, but my weblog is just my personalized 1, which is it. I do not see a want to shell out for net hosting. I just want to transform the concept of my present blog, which is it. Any tips?

Many thanks in advance.

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Solution by niknah
Indeed, you are going to have to get a net hoster that has php + mysql to install your very own duplicate of wordpress on, or set up individuals things on your very own laptop or computer and leave it on all the time to host it right here.
Look for xampp if you want to set up it on your very own computer.

They permit you edit the css if you pay out for a top quality support but that may possibly not be sufficient if your theme is greatly customized.

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  1. I’m not experienced with WordPress blogs, but I have WP on my domain, and to change my theme I go to the WP-admin page and then something like themes, then you click the one you want to change to. Maybe you could change some of this info to suit what your wordpress blog is like? If you get me..

  2. has a selection of different themes ready to go for your blog. You can only use what they provide. They do not allow you to install your own themes.

    If you want to use a theme you found yourself on one of the free template sites then you will need your own hosting. This means you need your own website.

    Once you have your own website, then you can install WordPress via Fantastico in your cpanel, which is your websites administration panel and you can use any theme you like.

    To install WordPress via Fantastico takes 1 to 2 minutes. Then you would upload your theme via ftp to the themes folder located in wp-content. Go to your WordPress admin panel under themes and click on the photo of your WordPress theme and it will be ready to be viewed on your website.

    This site below will tell show you how to install WordPress very fast. It can be installed in a few minutes. They have the WordPress famous 5 minute install document also, but honestly it is for those that know what they are doing. It will take you a little longer the first few times. Still it is really easy to install especially with Fantastico.

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