How do you start a revolutionary online business without being a web designer?

Question by Triple Nipple: How do you start a revolutionary online business without being a web designer?
So, I have a great idea for an online business, but I a not a web designer. Do I go to a web designer to launch my business? What if he takes my idea and makes his own website? Can I trust him? Please help!!

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Answer by Pet Bad Breath
That’s a tough question to answer and it revolves a lot around trust. The only thing I can suggest from experience is that if you think your idea is so great and you really are serious about it you’ll have to take a few leaps-of-faith and risks. And investments. I have online businesses and am ALWAYS looking for a new idea to make millions! Love to know what you’re up to!

First, try talking to someone at the Small Business Administration (if you’re in the US) and get their professional advice. It’s free. You should also consider using a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) when talking to potential business partners. It’s a nice way to protect your conversation/discussion but still not 100% iron-clad. Talk to a lawyer about the legal actions you can take against someone who breaks the NDA. Run, don’t walk, away from anyone who refuses to sign it. If they are reputable then they understand why someone like you with the next “big” idea would want them to sign one. Plus if they were smart they would love to possibly partner with you to share in the success.

I’m working with a friend of mine on her invention (at her request) and I actually was the one that insisted on us signing one (plus the fact her husband is huge and can snap my neck if I steal the idea!).

Sounds like you have an online business plan so do your research. If it’s that big then you may need other people with specific talents and expertise to help you so make sure you cover your backside. Good luck.

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