How A Template Can Help You With Writing Sales Letters

How A Template Can Help You With Writing Sales Letters

If you are looking to make a lot of sales from your online product, the most important thing that you need is a sales letter. Keep in mind that it can’t be just any sales letter. It has to be one that will attract visitors to purchase your product.

You don’t have to be a master copywriter to create sales letters, but it must be something that will make you stand out. Lots of people struggle with this part. There are some who will hire a copywriter to write the sales letters for them.

However, if you cannot afford their four figure prices, then you can use a sales letter template. This is used to guide you and provide a system where you can fill in the blanks.

The first thing you need to tackle is the headline. The headline is the most important part of the sales letter. It is the deciding factor as to whether or not the visitor will keep reading. You have to create the headline in the format of what is the benefit to the person purchasing your product. Here are some examples of sales letter templates for the headline:

* Discover how you can…?

* Who else is interested in…?

* Do you feel like…?

* How would you like to…?

After the headline, you would create the opening. You can have an answer to the question in the headline. Provide your visitor with a solution to their problem. Using the sales letter template, you could have “To find out more about…” and put whatever needs to go there.

Of course, you should include your product name and provide some tidbits about what it can do for them. Don’t include everything because then they won’t be in suspense. You have to keep the curiosity going by indirectly providing them with what they can look for when they purchase the product.

The sales letter template should have a feature where you can list the product benefits. The benefits will help the visitor to decide if this product is for them. They should be put in bullet format.

Other things that a sales letter template would include are:

* How to make an offer and call to action

* How to present bonuses just for purchasing

* Testimonials

* How to create your guarantee

These elements will be strategically placed on the sales letter template. For the most part, you will be filling in the blanks with your own information. Using a sales letter template can be a guide to writing that winning sales letter so that you can make a profit.

William “Josh” Hohman is a Stanford MBA, internet marketer, and author of Internet Marketing Report Card – a blog that provides in-depth and honest reviews of internet marketing products. Learn more about writing sales letters.

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