Gonzaga Love

Hardcore tribute to Gonzaga University, a private, Jesuit college in Spokane, Washington. Jesu-WHAT!?! www.baratsandbereta.com Look for Aaron Patinio singing the hook and John Stevens filling the energizer role. Now let me raise a mocha latte in a mild, mild toast, To the motha-f*****s that the f*****g world needs most. The track hits you right there like the Holiest Ghost, invisible, like our competition in West Coast. We in that Evergreen State, never green with envy, though the Liberal Arts tend to be quite spendy. But Zags be on a mission for degrees, lean, mean, money making Deans taking G’s. I’ve been in Spokane for three years undeclared (Jesu-WHAT)! Spokies everywhere sporting hockey hair. Now it’s O-Five and they prod me and god me finding Einstein and graduating Magna Cum Lade. It’s all dry from the PAD to the River body’s a temple, best be keepin’ that liver. Throw up three if you’re feelin’ the Spitzer. Peace now, I’m off to respect yo sister. Out a class, taking a nap, I’m Gonzaga dreamin’. Soon as I stepped on the scene I heard the Kennel screamin’. Spending their money on alcohol, the life of a sixth man player where Gaels die (It’s our ball). But at Gonzaga where we’re quite, not rowdy at two at night, (What) In the dorms we kick the ladies straight outtie (Ya that’s right). Wearin’ Docs and Khaki shorts, we write our book reports Passin’ when we classin’, marks are high in every course. Volunteer programs, world wide, service learning, social justice

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