Can I make a website with a WordPress theme? How do I add content to my website?

Issue by gig: Can I make a internet site with a WordPress theme? How do I create content to my website?
I’ve been trying to figure out if I want to acquire a software package to make my own site. But I see men and women make site by uploading a wordpress concept to their host..but what I don’t get is how do they include content and handle how a lot of and in which the tabs go? Like, can you make a whole useful internet site with just wordpress?What if I desired to increase a box with backlinks and tabs, I by no means see this in the wordpress video clips..?

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now a days most of the site internet hosting companies give excellent inbuilt internet site builders with a lot of patterns to chose from , i made and host my internet site using

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  1. Yes, you can make a blog and/or website with WordPress. WordPress is a content management system, which means you can add and manage content such as blog posts, web pages, links, photos, and more.

    In addition, WordPress uses “themes” and “plugins”, which help to create the “look and feel” and features of your website.

    The self-hosted version of WordPress is free and can be downloaded at To get started, all you need is a domain name and web hosting account.

    You can also choose to use the hosted version of WordPress at This version is also free (upgrades are available for a cost), however, it is more limited in customizing the design and adding new features.

  2. I use WordPress to maintain and update the website below, so let me try to answer some of your questions.

    Yes, you can maintain a website with WordPress – many popular blogs do that. Here (in general) is how it’s done. Your hosting service needs to have WordPress installed on the host. You activate the WordPress software there as a one-time task. Every time you want to update the website (add a new post or new page) you log into the website as admin, which invokes the host’s WordPress software for you. You select add new post (or page) and then the WordPress software puts you into an editor where you add the text you want, upload images or audio files and position them in your post etc. You save the interim versions as you work so you don’t lose what you have done and when you are ready you tell WordPress to publish your creation. This makes it available on the Internet to one and all.

    Now – themes. There are literally thousands of WordPress themes available, some free and some that cost. Basically, you find a them that you like and that has the structure you want, and add it to your WordPress admin site. You then tell WordPress to use this theme, please, and it fits your content in the theme. You may have to make some adjustments, of course.

    As to “make a whole functional website with WordPress” I’m not sure what you mean. WordPress is great for a blog, but if you are talking about a full e-commerce site….that’s a horse of a different color and you’ll need other tools.

    Generally speaking you do not absolutely have to know HTML, but it does help (at least, my basic knowledge of HTML helped me).

    You might also look at the other tool linked below.

  3. f you have paid hosting, you already have WordPress ready to install. You have to log into your account and use the Control Panel (cPanel) to install it. Then you use the Dashboard to edit. If you have a free web site, you need to check if you are allowed to use PHP and a database as these will be needed for a true blog app like WordPress.


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