Any good marketing firms specializing in online products?

Question by tpszbake: Any good marketing firms specializing in online products?
Our company has an e-commerce website targeted at bakeries. We are trying to find a marketing firm, which we would like to hire. We don’t want to just focus on online marketing (SOE, Mass email etc). We would like to explore traditional channels as well. Any recommendations? Pretty much a company that will be our “marketing department”.

Thank you in advacne

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Answer by AussieGraphicDesigner
Depending on where your firm is located ie: country there are various firms & packages available to you that will help improve your online & offline status.

As a graphic designer I do a lot of jobs for the above mentioned type firms & internet marketers, Chris from in Birmingham U.K is fantastic & very affordable, and for a DIY package & mentoring program system Justin from based in New Zealand.

Hope this helps, good luck!

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