AK-47 vs AR-15 Part 1, by Nutnfancy

PART 1 of 5: Nutnfancy tackling the often controversial issue of the AK-47 versus AR-15 rifle systems. The bottom line is, a quality example of either gun can serve your law enforcement, military, and “civilian sheepdog” requirements admirably. However many factors and considerations should come into play when selecting your choice. When properly maintained and lubricated, the AR-15 is very reliable contrary to many internet, forum, and magazine myths. However it does not rise to the absolute, carefree ruggedness and reliability of the AK design. Whether packed in mud, neglected for cleaning, or just plain thrashed upon, the AK shrugs it all off and continues to shuck rounds with pleasing and life-saving regularity. It is better than the AR-15 system in that regard. It also features a lightning quick and easy fieldstrip. However the AK design has many flaws which include: poorer ergonomics (like its munchkin length of pull), shorter sight radius and inferior sights, heavier magazines and ammunition, difficulty in mounting optics (less variety in application too), slower operational controls, and more recoil. But many accept these shortcomings to gain the increase in stopping power of the larger .30 caliber round. As shown in the video, this 7.62x39mm round pretty much dies after 300 yards but within its range, it hits hard and defeats obstacles much better than the smaller 5.56x45mm offering. However the AR-15 can easily be had in either a 6.5 SPC or Grendel chambering
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Episode 3 – The crew gets restless as Hoyt tires to reason with Colin. Evelyn Anders (Patricia Heaton) was the WORST MOTHER of two dysfunctional Ohio Public Access TV stars in this dark comedy series. The comedy follows a brother and sister as they mount a public access talk show from the basement of the local library. The damaged duo’s scheme is actually a desperate attempt to live out their fantasies and escape the legacy of their dearly departed mother, a TV star and B-movie actress. Directed & Produced by David Hunt Written by Rodney Vaccaro Cast Summer – Eve Gordon Hoyt – Fred Willard Robert – Tom McGowan Sara – Martha MacIsaac Lenny – Dov Tiefenbach Colin – David Hunt Announcer – Todd Waring Interviewer – Paul Hart-Wilder Evelyn – Patricia Heaton Himself – William H. Macy Director of Photography Rene Jung Editor – Rich Ervis Casting Director – Heidi Levitt Line Producer – Paulina Hatoupis Assistant Director – Paul Hart-Wilden Production Designer – Katie Byron Production Coordinator – Phoebe Schakeroff Managing Supervisor – JB Popplewell Key Graffer – Sandra Valde Swing – Mike Viera Sound Mixer – Andrejs Prokopenko Sound Assist – Denielle Rose Additional Sound -Matt Sanchez Music by – Joe DiPadova & Rich Evirs Make-up – Lorraine Martin & Kim Wooten Additonal Make-up – Natalie Vermiglo Stylist – Ricci DeMartino & Miko Nishida Ms. Heaton’s Hair & Make-up – Brett Freedman Wardrobe Designer – Rosa Madina Wardrobe Assist – Nicole Boutiette Stage Manager – Brian Gadson
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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