Advantages of Using Web Template

Advantages of Using Web Template

There are many advantages of using a template. You can ensure the base accessibility of your pages from one master document, and you only need to concentrate on inserting properly marked up text and images in the editable region on each page. Then you can make changes to site wide navigation, or clean up a bit of recurring invalid code, all by editing one page.

Now anyone can build professional web site using Site Studio, the industry leading online site development tool. You can see for yourself how easy it is to build professional quality sites with Site Studio.

Your web sites will automatically be created with all the required images, including logos, buttons, and sidebars. The images can all be generated in the colors the user wants, with the desired text. Even professional quality rollover buttons are as simple as selecting a specific layout.

When you begin your website with a template it will serve as a good starting-point for your site and when you add sub-pages to your site you can keep the same theme throughout your site. Plus, if during testing you make sure your template works fine in both Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers, the chances of comparability problems will be slim.

Every webmaster wants a unique website that stands out from the crowd. Since other webmasters may be using the same template as you it is difficult to accomplish this using pre designed templates. But if you are new to web page layout and graphics by using a website template you will save yourself a lot of time and learn a lot in the process also it will go a long way in helping you to learn how to design a website.

It is not necessary to learn FTP, HTML, Telnet, HTTP, or imaging software. Just select the template you like. You will appreciate the ease and speed you can build your website.

It is the ease and simplicity of Site Studio that makes it a leader of the web design revolution. Site Studio web site builder guides you step-by-step, providing simple choices regarding color, style and images. There is no software to buy, and no code to learn. In addition, there is no need to mess around with programs such as FTP or Telnet.

With the use of Site Studio’s provided settings, you can make unique and attractive web sites. However for the advanced user, Site Studio provides a way to change just about every color, every font, and every button caption on the site. Site Studio comes with 71 professionally authored layout templates in total, where Personal category has 21 layouts and Small Business category has 50 layouts. Each template can be created using a multitude of color theme choices. The end result is there are hundreds of different combinations from which to choose.

There is an online demo to try out the Site Studio site builder by creating your own web site. After your site has been created, you can see it in the published view by clicking the Publish button on the Site Studio toolbar. We provide some video tutorials on different aspects of Site Studio that offer an overview of how the program works so you’ll have a good sense of what to expect.

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