What Business to start with 150 Bucks?

Question by JJ: What Business to commence with one hundred fifty Bucks?
I’m in High School and have one hundred fifty bucks from some close friends of mine and need a way to switch that into some more cash. It demands to be ready to operate with PayPal any ideas operate. Many thanks

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Solution by Dalton B
Im also in large university and i run a rather excellent buisness i would suggest generating some kind of internet site in which individuals get pleasure from likely to read through and then have some variety of product to sell and when it receives common you can have men and women pay you for advertisments on there then right after that it essentially operates alone that is what i did

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  1. First, you should definitely get a website going. From there you have a TON more options.

    You can make YouTube videos … the ones that go viral and have a lot of views have a huge payout. You can get an adsense account and hook it to your paypal account.

    You can have a blog…and run advertisements on it…if your blog get a lot of traffic…the ad revenue can really ad up quickly.

    If you have any kind of service to offer..you can sell this on your website…people can pay you through paypal or another payment gateway like whmcs.

    with $ 150 you can do a lot….I’d suggest getting a VPS….you can handle more traffic, thus, get more potential revenue.

    All of these are ideas that I have used….I got a VPS from SiteServing…which only cost me like $ 16/mo. They have a sale going on this weekend so you could get one for like $ 12/mo.

    Start there and expand out and watch it grow…you got a whole world on the internet of money making opportunities…Good luck!!

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