Starting a web hosting business?

Question by gingerpaul99: Starting a web hosting business?
I would like to start a web hosting company, i know its not a get rich quick scheme but i am willing to invest in it. First of all i am thinking of getting WHMCS but is it any good?

And if i do buy this can i use it on my hosting plan if i buy re-seller hosting or do i need my own server?

Also is there anything else i need to consider before starting this company?


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Answer by John Stalvern
Well, you should have a lawyer on retainer and an accountant. Business tax laws can be tricky, and it’s probably best to leave that up to a professional so you don’t get slapped with and hurt by an audit.

If you have your own server, you should be certain you have a good uplink to the Internet. If possible, it’s best to have multiple egress connections to different NSPs to ensure fault tolerance.

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  1. You need to consider that there are already many hosting companies out there and if you want to succeed you need to offer your customers something unique, something that only your company can offer.

  2. You would have to discuss the bandwidth side of things with your ISP.

    You would need a web server. Apache and IIS are the two main web servers, basically you will need to install both as asp scripting only works on IIS assuming your want your clients to be able to use asp. . You will also need to decide what scripting lanaguages the clients can run, like javascript, php, perl, cgi, python, asp, vbscript, quite a few more as well.

  3. Hi,

    I work for a web hosting company in the UK called NetHosted, and we use WHMCS software for our client management. It is a very good application with a lot of features, but I would only recommend it if you were going to start off with a fair bit of investment in the company. I would advise that you would want to be running your business from at least a VPS to make WHMCS worthwhile, this would allow you to use the automation of it to set up client accounts etc.

    Personally we use WHMCS with cPanel and WHM to provide our hosting environment and this setup is very powerful, but has some costs for all the licenses etc. required.

    I would advise if you are starting off with little technical knowledge to simply get a reseller account from a provider that already has this infrastructure set up. This will allow you to not spend too much money and be able to learn the ins and outs of hosting, as you get more clients and more income you can reinvest this money into upgrading your hosting such as moving onto a VPS or dedicated server and purchasing your own software licenses, this would be my advice!

    I hope thats useful to you, feel free to check out our reseller packages!



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