Is it a must to ask for SSN or Tax ID if you run an affiliate program in the United States?

Issue by John.exe: Is it a need to to request for SSN or Tax ID if you operate an affiliate software in the United States?
I want to know is it unlawful not to inquire for SSN or Tax ID? If so what are the measures in producing folks submit their SSN? Who do I mail this information too? I sell net hosting and the billing software package that I received (WHMCS) has a built in affiliate system, but they do not consult for SSN or Tax ID in the script. Any support would be excellent!

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Reply by Bash Limpbutt’s Oozing Cyst©
WHMCS is a privately owned firm primarily based in the Uk. (United kingdom Registered Company #6265962. Vat No. GB 927 7746 76)

They could care much less about your SSN and won’t be asking for it. They are not matter to US tax laws considering that they have no operations in the US. Considering that you are not a United kingdom consumer they won’t be asking for any United kingdom specific tax data.

You, on the other hand, as a reseller, might require to ask for a TIN from your consumers that are primarily based in the US.

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  1. on the receiving end if you want to ever get paid by a company you are an affiliate with, you must give them your name, address and tax id # – on the company’s end, if you pay someone more than $ 600 in a year you are REQUIRED to give them a 1099 if you want to be able to deduct that expense and if you don’t get that info before ever paying them a penny, they can refuse to give it to you later and then you are screwed

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