Is broken?

Concern by Tman: Is broken?
Everytime I try to login to my area it states Permissions Error
The templates compiling listing ‘/house/freehost/’ must be writeable (CHMOD 777) before you can continue.
If the path proven is incorrect, you can update it in the configuration.php file.
What do I do?!
Please explain to me how to fix this, I just completed developing my web site and need to have to publish it

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Response by ledhead
chmod is a UNIX command that sets up permissions. The digits implies the subsequent

The 1st digit is the permissions for the operator
The next digit is the permissions for the group
The third digit is the permissions for everybody

# Authorization
seven full
six go through and create
5 read and execute
4 read only
3 publish and execute
2 publish only
1 execute only

You can setup permissions for each digit by making use of the over essential.
For illustration, if you have a internet file known as index.php to give everyone read, create, and execute access, you would enter in the terminal window:

chmod 777 index.php

Obviously you will not to give everyone comprehensive obtain, so you would want to do this alternatively

chmod 755 index.php

This would give the owner full entry, and the group and every person read and execute accessibility

I am not acquainted with, Do you have SSH entry to update these documents. If not, some 1 with sudo or superuser obtain will need to do this for all the php scripts in your web site.

What do you feel? Solution below!

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