2 thoughts on “I’d like to know if West Houston Medical Center is nurse friendly?

  1. Most hospitals are pretty friendly to nurses. I lot of nurses work there.

    Seriously though, it’s an HCA hospital (for profit). I’m not very familiar with this particular facility. BUT, HCA has a reputation for being very employee un-friendly. I’ve heard terms like “use people up and throw them away”, and “cuthroat” to describe the employee culture. Someone who worked there once said “the only happy HCA employee is an ex-HCA employee.

    One note — Texas Women’s Hospital is held in a slightly different regard than other HCA hospitals. It’s much more respected (I think it was aquired by HCA). The current CEO of WHMC came from TWH, so it’s possible he may have a positive influence on his new hospital.

    I know HCA has worked to improve it’s image, but I’d be very cautious and try to talk to some of the employees before committing. For nurses, there’s lots of options.

  2. west houston is a horrible hospital. i used to work there and i wouldnt send my dog there. seriously. i was an HCA employee and none of there facilities, including women’s hospital, are stellar hospitals. ive been a patient in the hospital and as well as worked at several facilities and the corporate office. it is a horrible company.

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