how can I create my own main server?

Concern by : how can I create my personal main server?
I would like to develop my own server from in which I could sell domain names to other individuals ..e.g like the web site godaddy you can buy your area.. You should manual me to get started out on how can I do the same and the capital needed for it..and how considerably capital is necessary for it ?

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Answer by Pesos
You will first need a WHMCS license (this enables you to market Domains and Hosting):

Then you will need to have a license to sell Domains, you can get an affordable reseller license below:

You need to established up WHMCS on a server, and if you happen to be likely to sell world wide web web hosting deals also make confident to get at the very least a VPS.

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  1. Hi There, has several different reseller options, and more coming soon. Make sure to check out our homepage for more details.

    If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact our customer care representatives.

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