Video Review: Smultron, a Free Text Editor for Mac OS X.

Direct Download: encoded in Quicktime format at 1280×800. Transcript: Today, we’ll be looking at installing and using Smultron, a free text editor for Mac OS X. We’ll start by heading to Safari and going to The icon for Smultron is a strawberry because the developer, Peter Borg, is Swedish, and Smultron in Swedish translates to Strawberry. Look for the download link and click to download the latest version. You will be directed to a SourceForge download page. Simply allow it to load, and it should automatically download the file. I won’t make you wait for this to download. Because Smultron is not a packaged file, but simply an app, all we have to do is open our Applications folder and drag Smultron right in. Upon opening the application, we must confirm that we want to open it. Because we’ve downloaded it from a trusted source, click Open. We begin with a very basic Cocoa Application layout with the files listed on the left, the text editing area on the right, and the toolbar on top. For demonstration purposes, I’ve created a few files: index.html, style.css, page.php, and script.js. You’ll notice that the icons in the file pane on the left are resizable with this slider, and use Quick Look to show you just what you’re looking at. In index.html our file extension is HTML, so Smultron will syntax highlight for HTML code. In style.css, Smultron will syntax highlight differently for CSS, and in script.js, it highlights accordingly. The default

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