Runescape Money Making guide 1/2 “Monster Killing”

Hello and welcome to my Money Making guide 🙂 this is Part 1 of 2 in this video ill show you my favorite places to make money by killing Monsters. I tried to make this video short, but you will find enugh information like the location and Equipment… Note: – You can make profit from almost every Monster in Runescape, but in this guide i’ll show you my top 5. – Use your standart equipment for killing these Monsters + the items i recomend you. – The video ends at 4:08 not 3:44 – Recorded with Camtasia, Editet with Sony vegas 9 pro. Song: Stormlord – Scorn Any more questions? Then post as a comment 🙂 Thx for Watching, i hope you liked it, if you did please take a moment to Rate & Subscribe :).

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