RuneScape – 10 P2P money making methods (Part 1/2)

In this video I show 5 P2P RuneScape money making methods. I rate each method on a scale of 1-10. Heres a quick summary of the video. Green dragons – 200k-350k+ gp per hour (depends on how fast you can kill them) – Good for training melee – My rating – 7/10 Air orbs – 250k-375k gp/hr – 45k-60k exp/hr – Good alternative for training magic – My rating – 7/10 Runecrafting (level 44-59) Nature runes – 18k exp/hr, 200k-250k gp,hr (abyss) – 25k exp/hr, 270k-350k gp/hr (spirit graahk) (level 59-82) Double cosmic runes -16k exp/hr, 270k-350k gp,hr (abyss) (level 82-91) Double astrals – 25k exp/hr, 550k-600k gp/hr (moonclan island) (level 91+) Double nature runes – 18k exp/hr, 600k-700k gp/hr (abyss) – 25k exp/hr, 800k-950k gp/hr (spirit graahk) – My rating – 7.5/10 – 10/10 Hunting red chinchompas – (4 box traps) – 60k exp/hr, 180k gp/hr – (5 box traps) – 80k exp/hr, 220k-240k gp/hr – Great way to train hunter Dragon impling hunting – 500k to 1m+ per hour on average. – My rating – 9/10 I enjoyed making this video :). Please subscribe if you enjoyed watching.

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