Q&A: Advice on self teaching of Web & Database Design?

Question by jeffh: Advice on self teaching of Web & Database Design?
When I was in my early teens, I played around with Web Design and Networking. Without any guidance or books, I taught myself some of the fundamentals and additional information. However, due to a bad time with IT staff in college (who had no passion for the subject), I lost interest.
Despite this, after a 6 year absence, I’ve decided to re-ignite my passion for Web & Database Design.
I would like to self teach myself to build web sites with full interactive capabilities and features with a view to eventually building something complex for a commercial venture.
However, with so many different scripting languages and Database platforms around, please could the good people reading this point me in the right direction and refresh me with what order I need to start learning things in (i.e.: What are the basics, what would I then move onto to build upon this etc..).
All of your help is appreciated.

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Answer by Scotty Doesn’t Know
The landscape has changed since you were last into it. I would consider learning the Microsoft VB.NET (and ASP.NET) platform.

You’ll also need to know SQL if you’re planning on interacting with any database tables.

Another entry-level product that you can learn a lot with is Microsoft Expression Web.

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