You’re invited to join YouTube’s first interactive circus. Choose your own destiny. buy olgakay’s circus music www.cdbaby.com Directed By Andrea Ball www.andreaball.com http Executive Produced By Sarah Evershed twitter.com CAST: Olga Kay www.OlgaKay.com http David Lawrence XVII www.davids.com http Featuring Anna Giannotis Paul J. Lange PERFORMANCES: The Beat Freaks Alex “Shorty” Welch Alison “Al Star” Faulk Teresa Espinosa Feat. Lady Boogaloo Davi Lorenzo www.thebeatfreaks.com www.youtube.com twitter.com Street Dancer Marie “Pandora” Medina littleboxofhope.com www.youtube.com www.twitter.com Ballet Dancers Alexander Fost www.alexanderfost.com www.youtube.com www.twitter.com Ginny Ngo Written By Wyatt Pascoe Produced By Andrea Ball Original Music By Elon Arbiture www.ElonComposer.com Edited By Dane Naimy & Kevin Roman Cinematographer Kristoffer Carrillo http Production Design Jeremy Cisneros Costume Design Liz M. Schroeder www.lizmschroeder.com Sound Editing & Mix By Gregg Teutonico Juggling balls by http Special Thanks to our AMAZING Kickstarter Producers: www.kickstarter.com Set Decorations by www.LAcircus.com

2NE1_TV_Season 2_E10-2
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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