Animoto Tutorial: Video Marketing Tool for Online Businesses Click the link above to learn about an exciting and profitable opportunity and receive more great marketing tips from experienced online marketers. Subscribe to my video channel and visit my blog to see what else I’m up to The new Animoto slide creation site provides an easy to use platform to create quick and effective videos and market your business online. I can already see the value in this resource. It took me about ten minutes to create my first video on Animoto. Look out for more videos. Animoto allows you to upload photos and your own music or music from their library. The music is offered by artists that allow their music to be played publicly without a royalty fee. Then there’s a cadre of features as far as what to do with the video. For example, uploading it to Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, your website or blog.I recommend this site to anyone looking to enhance their video making skills and especially for internet marketers. I still recommend simple videos that reveal who you are, but this is just another complement to your arsenal of tools to market on the web. Animoto Press Kit Material: With all that’s possible with TV & film these days, how is it that we are still in the “next slide please” stone age of image presentation? This question prompted the guys at Animoto Productions, a bunch of TV/film producers and techies, to lock themselves in a room and nerd-out. Their mission? To make the type of stuff they

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