Advice for a coder trying to start a web design company?

Question by wizfen: Advice for a coder trying to start a web design company?

I have been programming for about eight years now and doing web development for five or so of those. I do not have much talent in regards to the actual design of a web page (the art aspects), but I am a guru when it comes to the coding behind a site.

So my question is, and more to people who have experience in this type of situation, how should I find people to do the actual design for my clients? Should I find a permanent “team member”? Should I just contract the design parts out to different people? If I do this, what if my client decides he/she doesn’t want what the people I contracted create?

Basically I’m looking for any and all advice pertaining the topic at hand. I’m going to need all the help I can get.


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Answer by JH
It’s always hard to have to subcontract your work, especially in your situation for every project you work on. Essentially, you would have to find a web designer or graphic designer to partner with. You would need to set up a contract agreement with this designer to include clauses should your client not like the design created. As long as the designer is flexible and willing to work with your terms or meet you halfway, you should be good. I generally allow 3 revisions with my design work and I state that the revision cannot deviate drastically from the original design direction. That’s something you may want to consider when writing up your contract agreement for your clients. Good luck.

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