520k profit in 14 minutes QUICK and EASY money making! 100% real.

Read this!!! Part two of the guide: www.youtube.com Disclaimer: This can be done once every 24 hours. You can skip any step you want but it will cut into your profits. Prices change daily, I got 440k profit yesterday and today 520k. Pay attention to CURRENT prices before you buy items (especially broad arrow heads). Step 1: Oo’glog, buy all raw bird meats. Requires the As a First Resort quest. Step 2: Withdraw a slayer ring (optional), water, earth, air, law and fire runes, a lyre and a seal of passage (important! If not in bank get it from Brundt in Relekka long hall) Also get some food, an antipoision, and some energy replenishing items. Also check to make sure you have equipped: Weight reducing gear (if you have them) An amulet of glory A ring of duelling Varrock armour (any level) Any weapon (for cutting webs and killing skeletons if they bother you at the mage of zamorak) Step 3: Teleport to varrock and buy as much battlestaves as you can. 8 if you haven’t completed anything of the varrock diary, 16 for level 1, 32 for level 2 and 64 for level 3. Step 4: Proceed to Zaff and buy death, water and earth runes. Also get the freebies if you want :D. Other runes aren’t profitable so don’t buy them. Step 5: Go to yanille if you have either 66 magic or have completed the Hand in the Sand quest (or both obviously). Get your sand from Bert (64 buckets, worth around 12k. Not shown in this video because I already had collected them), then proceed to the mage guild (if you have

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