Using WordPress, how do I make my about page the same format as my home page?

Question by Ben B: Using WordPress, how do I make my about page the same format as my home page?
I currently use with the hosting service of Now, I have my home page set to be the wordpress blog. However, their is a tab on the home page for an “about” page. I have written the about page in the wordpress editor, however when I click on the about page, it just turns to a white background with unorganized and un-stylized text and graphics. How can I make the “about” page the same format (basically the same theme) as my home page?

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Answer by Οραγλε Δελφοί (Oracle of Delphi)
what I usually do in these situations is make a copy of the home page, ditch the about page and save the copy as the about page, then edit the heck out of it.

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Using WordPress Blog as portfolio with simple portfolio plug in?

Question by erin1231: Employing WordPress Website as portfolio with straightforward portfolio plug in?
Utilizing new wordpress self hosted web site. I am using the theme Modernist two.5 by Rodrigo Galindez, I put in the easy portfolio plugin so that I may possibly use my wordpress internet site as a portfolio but once I activated the straightforward portfolio plug in I can only add posts to the portfolio web page relatively than have a blog with posts and a portfolio with posts as properly. Is this the only selection if your using the simple portfolio plug in? The internet site can only post to the portfolio page?

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Solution by clapton
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Q&A: When using wordpress as a commerce site how does the security work…?

Query by beechmachine: When utilizing wordpress as a commerce web site how does the protection perform…?
as in, when you get your domain name, get your wordpress theme up and operating, and get the commerce section operating, how does the purchasing cart work with transaction security on wordpress? do you want to purchase safety certificates from ur domain host? also with wordpress how do they deal with buyer accounts on your internet site?

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Solution by ?
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using a wordpress theme i downloaded?

Problem by Still Learning: utilizing a wordpress theme i downloaded?
so i discovered this theme
and i want to use it on weblog it can be a ‘wordpress theme’ but as far as i can see there is no way to import it on wordpress. you can obtain the css, but that wont let me to import the concept, right? how can i use this theme? i am not opposed to using another internet hosting website, i just like

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Answer by Sherry
The concept you downloaded is meant to be used on a self-hosted WordPress set up. That means you will have set up the WordPress computer software from WordPress.ORG onto your personal net server. Then you can upload the concept and use it on your individual set up.

But you currently have a WordPress.COM blog. Which means you are making use of their hosting and their WordPress set up. It has a good deal more constraints than a self-hosted WordPress weblog. You can browse themes on and use what you uncover. But you can’t go elsewhere on the web and find themes, this kind of as the a single you joined to, and “upload” it to a WordPress.COM blog.

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