Starting a web hosting business?

Question by gingerpaul99: Starting a web hosting business?
I would like to start a web hosting company, i know its not a get rich quick scheme but i am willing to invest in it. First of all i am thinking of getting WHMCS but is it any good?

And if i do buy this can i use it on my hosting plan if i buy re-seller hosting or do i need my own server?

Also is there anything else i need to consider before starting this company?


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Answer by John Stalvern
Well, you should have a lawyer on retainer and an accountant. Business tax laws can be tricky, and it’s probably best to leave that up to a professional so you don’t get slapped with and hurt by an audit.

If you have your own server, you should be certain you have a good uplink to the Internet. If possible, it’s best to have multiple egress connections to different NSPs to ensure fault tolerance.

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Im Thinking of starting my own Web hosting company?

Question by Sal: Im Thinking of starting my own Web hosting company?
I always liked Setting up site,
So i was thinking of Starting my own web Hosting Company what do you think?

What Else would i need. Im going to buy a Reseller hosting, Plus WHMCS
Yep im going to get the customers To Write a Feed back 🙂

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Answer by cjdogger
You would need a big ePenis

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