Limestone Networks Strikes New Software Partner Agreements

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) December 15, 2010

Limestone Networks, Inc., the Dallas-based dedicated server provider, has recently announced a partnership with Parallels in order to offer two new software panels to Limestone Networks’ clients.

Limestone Networks will now be offering both Parallels Plesk and Parallels Small Business Panel. Plesk is a product geared towards web hosts while the Small Business Panel is a control panel for virtual private server and dedicated server providers that offers front-end and back-end small business management. Both new product offerings from Parallels are available for demo on the Parallels website.

Plesk is complete server automation solution that allows for quick website creation and management as well as a simply server administration interface. In conjunction with a user-friendly interface, Parallels products are renowned for their stability and reliability.

Kris Anderson, Director of Support for Limestone Networks, comments that, “Our partnership with Parallels to offer their Plesk and Small Business Panel products is the next step in providing our clients with ease and reliability for managing their dedicated servers. Parallels with their extensive QA and Software Development teams provide truly solid server management software which sets it ahead of most alternative panels.”

This partnership with Parallels is only one of several new agreements between Limestone Networks and software providers. Earlier this quarter, Limestone Networks began offering WHMCS, an all-on-one client management, billing, and support system. Further, Limestone Networks now offers SolusVM, a GUI based management system for virtual private server providers.

These software providers have been handpicked as having excellent value to a large portion of Limestone Networks clients. Further, clients can rest-assured that Limestone Networks has negotiated excellent pricing from these software vendors and is passing along direct savings.

For more information about this new product offering and to take advantage of some introductory offers, visit


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WHMCS Releases Version 4.5 — New Functionality Added to Easy-To-Use Billing & Invoicing Software

(PRWEB) June 17, 2011

WHMCS, a leading automation & recurring billing solution for web hosts and other online businesses, is pleased to announce the release of Version 4.5 – the latest update to the WHMCS software product.

This update is a milestone release for WHMCS, being the culmination of 4 months of hard work, with not just the usual new features but also many usability enhancements & improvements to the system as a whole.

Some of the key highlights in this release relate to billing, including 4 all new order form designs, doubling the number of included stock order form templates from 4 to 8, support for fixed term products allowing for installments & trials, enhanced product & domain management options for staff users, improved cancellation automation, the ability to offer upgrade promotions & incentives, and additional reporting tools including CSV Export ability for further analysis.

But that’s not all, there’s also improvements to the support side of things with improved automated ticket suggestions using the KB and enhancements to help staff deal with support requests more quickly and efficiently including quick access mass management buttons, predefined replies search functionality, and ajaxified ticket reassignment.

Continuing on our drive to help users with the hassles and complexities of PCI Compliance, this release also sees the introduction of a new module for PayPal Pro’s Reference based payments service to allow for fully automated recurring billing, on demand, without the need to store clients credit card details locally in your system. And there’s also an expanded integration with 2Checkout’s Recurring Billing service just for good measure.

Now having gone through 30 day’s of rigourous beta testing, followed by a month’s live use where we’ve solicited feedback from many long term users and acted upon it, WHMCS V4.5 is the most feature rich, stable and reliable release of WHMCS to date creating a new benchmark for Web Hosting Automation & Management.

To find out more, please visit our website at


WHMCS is a leading client management, billing & support system provider based in the UK but providing a billing system used by companies throughout the world. Providing a powerful & flexible core management system, but with a key focus on being developer friendly to allow for easy customisation and expansion, WHMCS provides the solid base you need to run a successful business. With over 150 integrated 3rd party modules as standard, and the ability to add more of your own, WHMCS will allow you to integrate and automate with all the third party systems and providers you use, and is backed with a strong support team that’s there when you need it.

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GlobalSign Announces Strategic Partnership with Cloud Software Provider OnApp

Boston, MA (PRWEB) July 28, 2011

GMO GlobalSign Inc (, one of the longest established Certification Authorities (CA) and specialist in SSL hosting solutions, today announced a strategic partnership with leading cloud software provider OnApp ( The terms of the partnership include integration of GlobalSign’s OneClickSSL technology into OnApp’s cloud deployment and management software, giving hosting customers easy access to automated SSL provisioning and reselling.

To launch the partnership, OnApp has included GlobalSign’s SSL solution in its Cloud-in-a-Box promotion – a $ 25m giveaway available from OnApp at HostingCon in San Diego August 8-10 2011.

OnApp software dramatically reduces the time and cost of building a cloud hosting business. Hosting providers choose OnApp for its rapid time to market, low entry requirements and rich cloud management features, which now include instant deployment of SSL secure sites through OneClickSSL from GlobalSign. OnApp customers include Dediserve, eApps and VPS.NET, to name a few.

GlobalSign’s OneClickSSL technology rewrites the SSL paradigm by moving away from the traditional, long-winded and error prone process of SSL provisioning and replacing it with an automated click to “Activate SSL” workflow, which is easily understood by customers of all technical abilities. OneClickSSL revolutionizes the SSL installation process to enable full SSL Certificate installation in under a minute and is available at a number of platform levels including cPanel, Parallels Plesk, IIS and Apache, thus offering hosting companies the most efficient way to employ SSL security ever available.

“OnApp is the only cloud software provider focused totally on the hosting market. We add value to hosters not only through the core functionality of our software, but also through partnerships with leading providers like GlobalSign,” said Ditlev Bredahl, CEO at OnApp. “GlobalSign’s OneClickSSL is truly unique in the way it optimizes the SSL reselling workflow. It’s a natural fit for our hosting customers, adding real value by enabling them to automate SSL as an integrated part of their cloud hosting services.”

“We are very pleased to enter into a strategic partnership with OnApp,” said Motoo Noda, CEO GMO GlobalSign Inc, “Automating SSL through the OnApp cloud deployment platform is a huge benefit for hosting companies by eliminating the problems and costs associated with supporting SSL.”

GlobalSign has been a publicly trusted Certificate Authority since 1996 and is currently ranked as the 4th largest provider of SSL Certificates worldwide by Netcraft – a position achieved in the last 4 years since re-launching as a focused SSL Provider. Since becoming part of the GMO Internet Inc group of companies, the company has opened local offices in the US, UK, Belgium and throughout Asia.

Join GlobalSign at HostingCon between August 8th -10th 2011 in San Diego, where GlobalSign will be demoing OneClickSSL at the OnApp booth, #313. The full presentation schedule, including other GlobalSign presentations, will be available at the GlobalSign booth #627 throughout the show.

For more information on the GlobalSign SSL Partner Program please visit

About OnApp

OnApp is the leading provider of cloud management software for the hosting industry. OnApp software creates cloud infrastructure from any commodity hardware; provides rich out-of-the-box functionality for server, storage, VM, user, failover and billing management; has a high density design to maximize a host’s margins; and integrates with leading hosting applications including WHMCS, Ubersmith and HostBill.

OnApp launched in July 2010 after two years of development. Today OnApp powers well over 400 clouds at some 300 hosting providers around the world. OnApp has 70 staff across the EU and US, and can be found online at

About GMO GlobalSign

Established in 1996 and as a WebTrust accredited public certificate authority, GlobalSign offers publicly trusted SSL Certificates, EV SSL, Managed SSL Services, S/MIME email security and Code Signing for use on all platforms including mobile devices. Its Trusted Root solution uses the widely embedded GlobalSign Root CA certificates to provide immediate PKI trust for Microsoft Certificate Services and internal PKI, eliminating the costs of using untrusted Root Certificates. Its partnership with Adobe to provide Certified Document Services (CDS) enables secure digitally signed PDF documents, certified transcripts and e-invoices. These core Digital Certificate solutions allow its thousands of authenticated customers to conduct secure online transactions, data transfer, distribution of tamper-proof code, and protection of online identities for secure email and access control. The company has a history of innovation within the online security industry and has offices in the US, UK, Belgium, Japan, and China.

About GMO Internet Group

GMO Internet Group is a leading force in the Internet industry offering one of the most comprehensive ranges of Internet services worldwide. The group is the top provider of domain registration, web hosting, ecommerce, and payment processing solutions in Japan and operates a host of other Internet services including global online security services, search engine marketing and online securities trading. At the center of the group is GMO Internet, Inc. headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Please visit for further details.

For further details please contact:

Steve Waite                                

GMO GlobalSign Inc.                        


For media inquiries regarding OnApp, please contact:

Champion Communications Ltd

+44 7789 385286


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Best web hosting Software Licensing Company?

Question by Mackensy: Greatest world wide web hosting Software program Licensing Company?
What is the web hosting computer software licensing business with the most variety and best prices?
Tess – Thank you but your affiliate website link offer for internet hosting is not valuable for my issue.

Eli – I’m not looking for WP hosting.. but for computer software licenses. Many thanks.

Very best response:

Response by Tess
As an knowledgeable webmaster I suggest BH which I’m certain it would function for you and fulfill all your needs. They have a really great supply for web hosting & I have utilized them for above four yrs now, and have in no way experienced a single difficulty with them.

You can get to evaluations about this internet web hosting company and its latest Price reduction Discount codes at:

Only $ 3.ninety five /thirty day period (with price cut coupon)

* This services was awarded the “Best World wide web Web hosting OF The Year”.

Hope this will help.

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What is the best software package to use to develop websites.?

Question by who m: What is the best software package to use to develop websites.?
I just bought a domain name and want to develop a website(s). What’s the best software package to use. Also, I want to maintain maximum control of the site so what’s the best way to proceed as far as hosting goes. Names? Suggestions? etc Thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by YoungIT
It depends on how savvy you are really. My first website was developed using notepad. Microsoft frontpage and Macromedia Dreamweaver are pretty much like using a word processor and if your host has frontpage extensions you can pretty seamlessly publish your site directly from the program. Dreamweaver lets you upload your site using FTP from within the program. I’ve used both, and I prefer frontpage for ease of use, while Dreamweaver is the standard (or used to be). Nowadays though I found it was easier to just use wordpress and find a theme I like. There’s also a hosting company called Squarespace who’s website lets you click and drag things around to design your page from the website. I’ve heard good things about it but haven’t tried it…I use Godaddy and wordpress for 2 of my sites and frontpage and godaddy for the third.

Give your answer to this question below!

Free cPanel billing software and auto-account creation?

Issue by rewardilicious: Free cPanel billing software program and auto-account development?
I am seeking for a totally free software program equivalent to WHMCS, but I don’t want it to have many attributes. Just annual billing, PayPal, and to wherever it car-generates the account after PayPal payment is obtained.

Suggestions? I’ve currently tried cP Creator but it can be glitchy and not supported any longer.

Finest solution:

Solution by Quincy
What you imply is nonpayment and not payment do not you?

Include your individual solution in the remarks!