how do i use an FTP program? WordPress related.?

Question by confezd: how do i use an FTP program? WordPress associated.?
i am trying to upload a WordPress concept … but as you know, i gotta have an FTP program to do that.. but I just cant seem to get connected to the wordpress host.

anybody make sure you present me with a guidebook.. stepbystep.

i am actually desperate to find out.

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Answer by CJ
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the easiest and most safe way to trade files over the Internet. Regardless of whether you know it or not, you most very likely use FTP all the time.

The most widespread use for FTP is to download files from the Internet. Because of this, FTP is the backbone of the MP3 music craze, and crucial to most on the internet auction and game lovers. In addition, the potential to transfer files back-and-forth tends to make FTP vital for anybody making a Internet web page, amateurs and pros alike.

When downloading a file from the World wide web you might be in fact transferring the file to your laptop or computer from another computer more than the Net. This is why the T (transfer) is in FTP. You may not know where the computer is that the file is coming from but you most very likely know it can be URL or World wide web address.

An FTP handle looks a lot like an HTTP, or Web site, tackle other than it makes use of the prefix ftp:// rather of http://.
Instance Web site tackle:
Example FTP internet site deal with:

Most often, a pc with an FTP address is focused to receive an FTP link. Just as a laptop or computer that is set up to host Internet pages is referred to as a Web server or Web site, a laptop or computer dedicated to receiving an FTP connection is referred to as an FTP server or FTP internet site.

What is an FTP Website?
An FTP internet site is like a significant submitting cabinet. With a standard submitting cabinet, the individual who does the submitting has the option to label and arrange the files how ever before they see match. They also determine which files to keep locked and which stay public. It is the same with an FTP site.

The virtual ‘key’ to get into an FTP website is the UserID and Password. If the creator of the FTP site is willing to give absolutely everyone accessibility to the files, the UserID is ‘anonymous’ and the Password is your e-mail tackle (e.g. If the FTP site is not manifeste, there will be a distinctive UserID and Password for every single particular person who is granted accessibility.

When connecting to an FTP site that enables anonymous logins, you happen to be usually not prompted for a identify and password. For this reason, when downloading from the Net, you most likely are using an anonymous FTP login and you never even know it.

To make an FTP link you can use a common Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.) or a dedicated FTP computer software program, referred to as an FTP ‘Client’.

When using a Net browser for an FTP connection, FTP uploads are difficult, or sometimes not possible, and downloads are not safeguarded (not advised for uploading or downloading big files).

When connecting with an FTP Client, uploads and downloads couldn’t be less difficult, and you have additional safety and additional capabilities. For 1, you happen to be ready to to resume a down load that did not efficiently end, which is a very nice characteristic for people employing dial-up connections who regularly loose their Web connection.

What is an FTP Customer?
An FTP Client is computer software that is created to transfer files back-and-forth amongst two pcs above the Net. It demands to be put in on your computer and can only be employed with a live link to the Web.

File transfers are as straightforward as dragging-and-dropping files from one particular pane to the other or by highlighting a file and clicking a single of the course arrows found among the panes.

Extra functions of the FTP Client consist of: multiple file transfer the auto re-get or resuming function a queuing utility the scheduling characteristic an FTP find utility a synchronize utility and for the sophisticated user, a scripting utility.

All of these features will be explained in later on tutorials. Very first you need to have to obtain and install an FTP Client.

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