Q&A: Questions regarding Blogger to WordPress.?

Question by Christy Peffly: Questions regarding Blogger to WordPress.?
I have a free blog with Blogger. It’s growing really fast and becoming more popular everyday. When I’m researching blogging stuff I always read that people suggest a paid WordPress blog if you’re serious about blogging. I want my blog to look professional (& fun). Here’s the problem, while I feel I’m pretty good at navigating and setting up the free blogger stuff, I’m a newbie to all this web hosting, WordPress theme stuff. I know I would need to 1) register a domain, 2) select a web host (not sure how to do that really) and 3) choose and set up a WordPress theme. I’m looking for a good tutorial on how to do all of this step-by-step. I’m great at following instructions! Thanks for any help or advice you might have for me 🙂

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Answer by Ruan Caiman
If you’re already on blogger, the easiest thing for you to do would be to point a domain to your blogger.com site. So you can have a custom domain for about $ 10/year, depending on where you register it. Most people who are only pushing content and not trying to write their own backend code (php/python/ruby/etc.) shouldn’t have to pay for hosting when the blog sites will host it for free.

See google’s documentation:

If you find that too difficult, put an ad in the Technical Gigs section of your local craigslist, offering somebody $ 50 to set it up for you. Once it’s set, you’ll just have to pay the domain registration every year and you can keep updating your blog as you’ve been doing.

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