help pick out the best wordpress portfolio theme?

Question by D: assist decide on out the greatest wordpress portfolio theme?
Im making an attempt to set a website together and have a wordpress one all set up. but the free of charge themes are horrible and id like something fun/proffessional to host my art. it would also be amazing if it lets me design the qualifications for it as well…and effortlessly add it all. Im inclined to shell out like 40 – 50 bux for a theme. if you have received any ideas (not just a internet site with thousands and thousands of them) permit me know. I’ve currently looked at hundreds and they all just blur into a single appropriate now. I just want to see one particular or two great themes if you know of any.

many thanks!

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Solution by Rose
Pay a visit to this blog site. But, I personally advised that you go for Thesis Theme.

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Using WordPress Blog as portfolio with simple portfolio plug in?

Question by erin1231: Employing WordPress Website as portfolio with straightforward portfolio plug in?
Utilizing new wordpress self hosted web site. I am using the theme Modernist two.5 by Rodrigo Galindez, I put in the easy portfolio plugin so that I may possibly use my wordpress internet site as a portfolio but once I activated the straightforward portfolio plug in I can only add posts to the portfolio web page relatively than have a blog with posts and a portfolio with posts as properly. Is this the only selection if your using the simple portfolio plug in? The internet site can only post to the portfolio page?

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Solution by clapton
Right here veil or far more, we can hajar

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