Announces the New Reseller Plans in 2012

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) January 04, 2012

ASPWebHosting, the leader Windows hosting and ASP.NET hosting in Australia, proudly announces its beneficial reseller hosting plans to customers worldwide. Its reseller hosting plans represent the ideal solution for companies and people who like to have less stress yet advantageous web hosting business.

Reseller hosting has become a promising business with its flexibility and cost-cutting measure. This line of business allows company or entrepreneur to set up as many websites as they need with minimal cost and no technical expertise. This is primarily because the main web hosting company manages all the hardware and software.

Amongst other online businesses, reseller hosting is one the most doable choices since it only requires minimum start up cost. A business newbie or person with low resources can build and maintain a small business which can result in high profits in the future. Also, there is a prospect of extra income generation for the reseller.

Most of the reseller plans being sold are only allow one level of reselling which means the reseller cannot resell reseller plan and clients will easily identify the reseller as reseller of some hosting companies. ASPWebHosting offers reseller hosting plans that comes with Free Billing Software to manage clients, Free Order Page and also allow the reseller to resell reseller plans and Addons. Moreover, one can gain more advantageous from the Sub Reseller Layer. This system allows a business man to resell reseller plans and his reseller can also resell reseller plan and so on. It is limitless on the Sub Reseller Layer.

Another point that distinct ASPWebHosting from any other web hosting companies is it allows reseller to have the control panel source code. This means reseller can edit and modify font style, menu structure, navigation, css and every text on his control panel according to his needs. Then he can upload and install to his website such as and his clients will not know he is a reseller. This feature is called the Unlimited Reseller Depth system.

This reseller plans also include DotNetPanel which is supported by WHMCS billing system. WHMCS is the perfect and complete all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for your Web Hosts. WHMCS is an effective and efficient tool to manage web hosting business. It also automates many routine tasks including invoicing, order provisioning, suspensions, and more.

ASPWebHosting offers three reseller plans, which are Windows Reseller 10 DNP Plan, Windows Reseller 20 DNP Plan and Windows 30 DNP Plan starting from $ 48 per month. For more information of these reseller plans, just visit aspwebhosting reseller windows hosting page was established in 2004 as a web hosting company offering businesses a cost-effective, flexible means of setting up, monitoring and maintaining websites which could include advanced features like online shopping and database functionality. It also provided the infrastructure and interface tools that allowed web developers to focus on the job of web design.

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Related Whmcs Press Releases Offers 20% Discount For All Reseller Webhosting Plans

Brisbane, QLD (PRWEB) February 09, 2012, the finest web hosting company in Australia, announces 20% discount program for each of its reseller hosting plans for those who look for successful online business and bigger profit.

The reseller hosting plans are designed for those who wish to start their own online businesses. There are many reasons why reseller hosting business is useful for inexperienced business people. First, reseller hosting do not need advanced IT expertise or any technology equipments. These troublesome tasks are handled by the web hosting company. The other reasons are it is easy to maintain and allow reseller to host multiple domains name under one single account. With the control panel provided, reseller also will have the benefit of monitor their clients’ allotted resources.One can choose one of these plans and purchases monthly, yearly or more subscriptions then uses the coupon code RESELLER20 to have 20% cheaper price.

Business like reseller hosting is getting its popularity due to the high demand of web hosting services for any type of websites. Blogs, company website, e-commerce sites and many more need to be hosted in worldwide web and this requirement comes from around the globe. Website allows business owner to promote, advertise and sell the products and services for 24/7 and make it easier to reach customers without geographical and time barrier. is one of reputable Australian webhosting company who provides a variety of reseller hosting plans starting from $ 48 per month. Reseller can choose from three types of plans which are Windows Reseller 10 DNP Plan, Windows Reseller 20 DNP Plan or Windows Reseller 30 DNP Plan. These plans now is having 20% discount not just for yearly subscription, but also if customer purchases the monthly and quarterly packages. Every customer who purchases any type of reseller hosting plans with the coupon code: RESELLER20 will get the 20% discount. allows reselling shared webhosting with reseller hosting plans that combine great features at affordable prices. Also, reseller will have the authority to decide prices, disk space, bandwidth, and other features of his web hosting packages. These may sound like a hard work but with the control panel provided all is done within reseller main control panel. uses DotNetPanel which support WHMCS billing system that make managing web hosting business a lot more effective and efficient.

The reseller hosting plans of also offers fully anonymous and white label control panel, free order page and ASP.NET reseller hosting. Please visit for more information about the reseller hosting plans. was established in 2004 as a web hosting company offering businesses a cost-effective, flexible means of setting up, monitoring and maintaining websites which could include advanced features like online shopping and database functionality. It also provided the infrastructure and interface tools that allowed web developers to focus on the job of web design.


ResellerZoom Upgrades Reseller Hosting Plans and Launches New Website

Colorado Springs, CO (PRWEB) November 05, 2012

ResellerZoom (, a leading reseller web hosting provider, announced today a redesigned new website to support significant upgrades to all reseller hosting plans. In addition to increasing system resource allocations such as disk space and bandwidth, the company has reorganized its website and reseller service structure. Now, new and existing customers will find it easier to get a reseller hosting service that matches their specific requirements, with a range of free reseller hosting features included on every reseller hosting plan.

“At ResellerZoom, we often upgrade our reseller hosting services to give customers more for their money,” says Greg Landis, CEO at ResellerZoom. “But this time we have decided to make larger changes that go beyond a routine upgrade. We still offer a range of reseller hosting plans for different budgets, but now every plan comes with more disk space and more bandwidth than before. Our new plans also include a variety of free addons – the higher the plan, the more addons are included. All of our existing customers have been upgraded to new plans free of charge, and are now able to do more with their reseller hosting, and ultimately, generate more revenue.”

To give customers flexibility, ResellerZoom provides a wide variety of reseller web hosting services with different features. The most popular services are versions of Linux reseller hosting, which come with a choice of Linux distributions including CentOS and CloudLinux. ResellerZoom also provides Windows reseller hosting and a solution for resellers in the UK. Resellers can find a reseller hosting plan that includes the right system resources and value-adding features for the scale of their businesses.

The new upgrades raise the standard on every single ResellerZoom service. Even ResellerZoom’s most affordable plan features an impressive 10,000MB disk space, 100GB bandwidth, and the ability to divide your hosting into 25 individual plans for resale. As a result, customers are able to create more accounts, and make plans more attractive with increased hardware power. As customers move up the plan structure, they receive more hardware resources, in addition to free features that help resellers manage their accounts. Every plan includes free support tickets for end users, giving resellers the opportunity to offer world-class support without the expense. More advanced plans include a higher allocation of support tickets, as well as the Softaculous script installer, free WHMCS for billing and support, and much more.

“The more disk space and bandwidth you have, the more accounts you can sell and the more money you can make,” says Landis. “We give every reseller the resources they need to succeed, in addition to the features that make organizing and running a reseller hosting plan easy. Most of our reseller hosting plans include a free domain reseller account, access to a free shared SSL, and RVSiteBuilder. All of these tools save resellers time while making plans more attractive to potential customers and, the higher the plan that resellers choose, the more of these additional features they will receive. Every customer will see the benefit of the new upgrades to our reseller hosting services, and in most cases, the reseller hosting plans we offer have actually decreased in price. Our customers get more, for less.”

Reseller web hosting services from ResellerZoom now offer more hardware resources and more software features, at a price that has in most cases remained the same or decreased. In addition to the useful new features that have been introduced with the recent upgrades, reseller web hosting plans from ResellerZoom include the best support and service in the industry. Customers are guaranteed 100% network uptime, helping them to deliver the best possible hosting to their end users. ResellerZoom also provides an unrivaled 45-day Money Back Guarantee, allowing resellers to try a new and improved reseller hosting plan without any risk or long-term contract.

“We are proud to have upgraded our entire reseller hosting plan range, without sacrificing support and service,” says Landis. “With our Money Back Guarantee and uptime service level agreement, we are confident that resellers have more reason than ever to choose ResellerZoom. In conjunction with our new upgrades, we have launched a new website that includes easy-to-use comparison tools. Potential customers can see every plan on one convenient screen, and navigate the site with ease to learn more about our services. We are confident that every reseller will find the plan that they have been searching for.”

As an expert in reseller hosting services, ResellerZoom has a unique insight into the requirements of its customers. By increasing resource allocations by such large amounts without increasing prices, the company not only meets these expectations, but exceeds them by some distance.

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About ResellerZoom

A division of HostingZoom (, ResellerZoom is a reseller hosting provider with a high-speed and rock-solid network infrastructure for unrivaled reliability. The company is focused on reseller web hosting services that are affordable enough to make good business sense without compromising quality of service. A 100% network uptime guarantee is the result of intelligent network design and world-class server hardware in multiple data centers around the world. In addition to stability, reseller hosting plans from ResellerZoom come with a range of features to help resellers create web hosting services that are attractive to potential customers. These features include the cPanel & WHM control panel, free branded tutorials and support materials, and domain name reseller accounts on every plan. ResellerZoom also offers UK reseller hosting from a dependable London data center.

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