DemoWolf Launches New Tutorial Delivery System; Business Model Changed

Halifax, NS, Canada (Vocus) July 6, 2010

DemoWolf has just released a completely new system for delivering Flash support tutorials to hosting companies, and along with this release, unveiled their new website, community forums, and a new subscription service.

With the new Tutorial Delivery System, DemoWolf clients (which are hosting companies) can brand the tutorials they purchase themselves by uploading their company logo and managing their purchase from a new system that’s taken several months to develop. All tutorial branding is done automatically, so clients no longer have to wait for DemoWolf to brand their tutorials for them.

In addition, all DemoWolf clients now get access to a new Tutorial Viewer that allows them to easily select from a number of configurable viewing options. Clients download their customized Tutorial Viewer, upload it to their website, then their customers can easily search for and view the tutorials their looking for. What’s more, is clients can update their Tutorial Viewer configuration and the way it looks, from the DemoWolf control panel, without having to make changes to their website.

New Subscription Service

In conjunction with the new Tutorial Delivery System, DemoWolf has also launched a brand new tutorial subscription service. With this new service, hosting companies can subscribe to, instead of purchasing tutorials, giving them complete control over which tutorials to display on their website. Since this new service is a hosted service, the tutorials will actually be stored on DemoWolf servers, but called from the same “Tutorial Viewer” that clients can configure, download and integrate seamlessly into their website.

With this new subscription service, DemoWolf clients can now update the logo that displays within their tutorials, make changes to the tutorials they wish to display, change which tutorial series’ to display, and within seconds can add newly updated or newly released tutorials from the DemoWolf control panel, as soon as DemoWolf releases them. Updating tutorials, upgrading tutorials, altering the Tutorial Viewer and updating the branding logo that displays in each tutorial are all 100% free for subscribers, and can all be managed from within the DemoWolf control panel.

“The feedback we’re getting from this new system and the subscription service is tremendous” says Rob Moore, president of DemoWolf. “The amount of control we’ve passed on to our clients is outstanding. As soon as we release a new series of tutorials or update an existing series (for example, when cPanel or Parallels comes out with a newer version of their control panels), our subscribers will be able to login to this new system, deselect the older version tutorials, select the newly released tutorials, change their logo for branding if they wish, click Generate, and the new tutorials will automatically and immediately be available for viewing on their website, within their Tutorial Viewer, by their customers.”

There are several subscription plans available starting from $ 9.95/month, on up to $ 49.95/month for access to all 200+ tutorial series, which include over 4,000 tutorials. For clients who do not want the voice narrated versions of tutorials, $ 29.95/month will get them access to all available tutorial series. Discounts are available for existing DemoWolf clients. For more information on these plans, go to

New Website and Forums

DemoWolf has also launched a brand new website, integrated with the popular WHMCS billing system and a new community Forums section. Because of all the new features now available to DemoWolf clients, it is thought that there may be more support requests and interest in sharing their Tutorial Viewer integrations with the rest of the community… and the new Forums will make that much easier.

The WHMCS billing system is tied directly into the new Tutorial Delivery System, so that DemoWolf clients can manage their tutorials, subscriptions, purchases and logos all from within the new Client Area.

About DemoWolf

DemoWolf is the leading producer of Flash Support Tutorials for the hosting industry. Supporting hosting companies since 2005, DemoWolf currently has over 4,000 tutorials to choose from, and over 1,300 hosting companies actively using DemoWolf tutorials to help support their customers. Tutorials are available for such applications as Parallels Plesk Panel, cPanel, Helm, H-Sphere, DotNetPanel, Virtuozzo, Direct Admin and many supporting applications covering such topics as Email, domain names, FTP, WordPress and many more. In addition to hosting tutorials, DemoWolf also offers a Custom Tutorials service, voice recordings, tutorial translations, and DemoBuilder, the application used to create their tutorials. For more information, visit their website at, or call toll free 1-866-905-4678.


More Whmcs Press Releases Launches Low Cost cPanel Licenses

(PRWEB) June 22, 2011, an authorised distributor and cPanel partner, has officially launched. is offering discounted cPanel licenses, aimed at the European market, for both dedicated and virtual private servers in Euros (EUR) and Great British Pounds (GBP).

Matt Russell, CEO of, states; “Having worked with cPanel under various guises over the years, I am delighted to officially launch and help cPanel increase their European market share. Buy licensing cPanel through you can pay in your local currency of Euros or Pounds without having to worry about exchange rates and foreign currency transaction fees. External dedicated server licenses start at just £19 / €20 per month.” will shortly be offering a range of cPanel-related addons including Softaculous, CloudLinux, WHMCS and more. These will all be available to purchase from in the very near future.

About is part of the Host Lincoln Ltd group of companies located in the United Kingdom. is an official cPanel distributor and offers cPanel/WHM, Enkompass, yearly cPanel licenses and more. Visit at


More Whmcs Press Releases Launches Newly Designed Website and Upgrades Packages

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 12, 2011, Namecheap Group’s new official presence for full featured web hosting, has recently undergone a redesign and offered upgraded packages. The homepage has been updated to reflect requests from customers and packages have been updated to be more competitive with the industry.

“By updating our website and services, we’re effectively positioning front and center with the best web hosting offerings in the industry,” Matt Russell, VP of Hosting, said. “Our website is easy to use and we have a vast selection of shared, business, reseller, VPS, and dedicated hosting offerings that are superior to comparable packages offered by other providers.”

Improvements on the hosting programs include unlimited bandwidth on shared and reseller hosting plans, unlimited parked domain names on shared plans, increased disk allocation per account, an increased number of cPanel accounts per reseller package, additional billing cycles to accommodate each and every need, and a free WHMCS billing module for qualifying reseller packages.

About is the dedicated hosting arm of Namecheap Group. offers web hosting of all flavors to over 25,000 clients worldwide. Find out more by visiting us at

About Namecheap

Namecheap is a Los Angeles-based ICANN accredited domain registrar founded in 2000 by CEO Richard Kirkendall. With over 500,000 clients and millions of domain names under management, Namecheap is one of the top domain registrars in the world. Find out more by visiting us at

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Softaculous Launches New Version 4.0 and AMPPS 1.5 with PHP 5.3.9

(PRWEB) February 02, 2012

Softaculous Ltd., the developer of Softaculous Auto Installer that simplifies Application deployment on various hosting platforms, announced that they have launched version 4.0. This version of Softaculous, which is also available in AMPPS, has User Interface improvements, Developer API improvements and many bug fixes said a company spokesperson. The company also announced the launch of AMPPS 1.5.

Softaculous Auto Installer integrates into popular hosting control panels like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, H-Sphere and Interworx and allows the user to install any application by the click of a button. There are lots of script categories like blogs, forums, micro blogs, wikis, social networking, image galleries, ERP, Project Management, Educational, etc. One can also upgrade these applications when new versions become available. Softaculous also offers Demos, Ratings, Reviews and screenshots of the various applications.

“We have been working really hard to make Softaculous, Webuzo and AMPPS the best applications in their respective categories,” said Pulkit Gupta, Softaculous founder and CEO, “and with version 4.0 of Softaculous and version 1.5 of AMPPS we are surely getting there. We have seen tremendous growth in the usage of AMPPS and some new features are also going to be released soon. At the same time some new products are also in the pipeline.”

To address the needs of different hosting providers, Softaculous is available as a Free product or as a Premium product. The Free version has only 60 apps while the Premium version currently has 260 Apps.

The Softaculous apps library already contains popular applications, including: WordPress, b2evolution, StatusNet, Drupal, Joomla, Concrete5, phpBB, MyBB, SMF, bbPress, Coppermine, Gallery, Mediawiki, DokuWiki, TikiWiki, Elgg, Dolphin, OpenX, SquirrelMail, LimeSurvey, Piwik, Mantis, SugarCRM, WHMCS, PrestaShop, Magento, CraftySyntax, osTicket, Moodle, Claroline, etc.

AMPPS can be used by Enterprises, SMB’s and Web Developers. Softaculous AMPPS is available as a Free product which can be installed on Microsoft Windows Desktop and Servers as well as on the Mac OS. AMPPS now has 260 Apps to serve the needs of different users. “AMPPS is specially beneficial to the Web Developers as they will not have to spend time installing Apache, MySQL, PHP, PERL, Python seperately and also they can install various blogs, cms, wikis, forums, etc. on their desktops by the click of a button. If you are a web developer and have not tried AMPPS, you have certainly not tried the best WAMP or MAMP stack” said Pulkit Gupta, COO of Softaculous Ltd.

Softaculous Apps are also available in the form of Virtual Appliances. The Virtual Appliances (called Webuzo) contain all the necessary server software required to power the various Apps. Webuzo is a LAMP stack with Softaculous installed on a CentOS Machine. Webuzo can help any user deploy Web Apps on their Desktops or in the Office. Recently the Webuzo Team announced support for the Amazon Web Services Cloud allowing Webuzo to be deployed in the Cloud which helps users to access their apps from anywhere.

About Softaculous

Softaculous was founded in 2009 with the goal of helping users to deploy apps by the click of a button. Softaculous is already being offered by leading Data Center’s and Web hosting companies around the world.

It is very easy to find, deploy, manage and backup applications using Softaculous. One can also deploy apps in the office using Softaculous Webuzo.

For more information, visit


More Whmcs Press Releases

Softaculous Launches Webuzo 1.5 and AMPPS 1.6 with NoSQL Database

(PRWEB) February 29, 2012

Softaculous Ltd., the developer of Webuzo Virtual Appliances and Webuzo Cloud that simplifies deployment of various Open Source Web Applications in the Cloud, today announced the launch of a new version of Webuzo which has MongoDB as a NoSQL option. Softaculous Ltd. also announced the availability of MongoDB as a NoSQL option in the new version AMPPS 1.6 which was launched simultaneuosly alongwith Webuzo.

The company is also making a free version of Webuzo available with the new version. This free version will have most of the current Webuzo features and 59 apps. “The free version makes Webuzo one of the best LAMP stacks available. You can use Webuzo in the cloud or as a Virtual Appliance.” said Pulkit Gupta, COO of Softaculous Ltd.

Webuzo Cloud simplifies the deployment of various Web Applications and Development Stacks on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud. Webuzo is a LAMP stack with Nameserver Management, FTP Management, Python, PERL, 259 WEB Applications, etc. One can use Webuzo Cloud and deploy various types of apps like WordPress, Magento, ERPs like SugarCRM, Development tools like Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, jQuery, etc. Since Webuzo is a Single User software, the application is able to make optimum utilization of the Instance’s Resources.

To address the needs of different Enterprises, SMB’s, and Web Developers, Softaculous Webuzo has 259 Applications. “Webuzo is especially beneficial to SMB’s and Enterprises as they will not have to spend time installing Apache, MySQL, PHP, PERL, Python, NoSQL seperately and also they can install various collaboration tools, wikis, ERP software, etc. by the click of a button.” said Valerian Pereira, Webuzo Developer at Softaculous Ltd. “Webuzo can enable an Enterprise to launch hundreds of instances, of say the PHP Zend Framework, within minutes.” said Divij Satra, Webuzo Developer at Softaculous Ltd.

The Softaculous Webuzo library already contains popular applications, including: WordPress, b2evolution, StatusNet, Drupal, Joomla, Concrete5, phpBB, MyBB, SMF, bbPress, Coppermine, Gallery, Mediawiki, DokuWiki, TikiWiki, Elgg, Dolphin, OpenX, SquirrelMail, LimeSurvey, Piwik, Mantis, SugarCRM, WHMCS, PrestaShop, Magento, CraftySyntax, osTicket, Moodle, Claroline, etc. Softaculous Auto Installer is used by millions of users in over 130 countries.

The Webuzo Cloud service is available for a minimal fee of $ 2.5/instance/month or a flat monthly fee of $ 25 for unlimited Webuzo Cloud Instances.

The company also has a desktop software called AMPPS – A Windows and MAC stack of Apache, MySQL, PHP, PERL, Python and Softaculous. Users, especially developers, can use this software stack to install any application on their Desktops. AMPPS also has two PHP binaries and users can switch between the latest PHP version and a legacy PHP version by the click of a button. AMPPS can help any user deploy Web Apps on their Desktops or in the Office. “NoSQL is becoming very popular and by adding MongDB, AMPPS makes it so much easier for the developers to get instant access to a NoSQL Database.” said Ketan Shah, a developer at Softaculous.

About Softaculous

Softaculous was founded in 2009 with the goal of helping users to deploy apps by the click of a button.

Softaculous is already being offered by leading Data Center’s and Web hosting companies around the world.

It is very easy to find, deploy, manage, backup applications using Softaculous.

One can also deploy apps in the office using Softaculous Webuzo or Softaculous AMPPS.

For more information, visit


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ResellerZoom Upgrades Reseller Hosting Plans and Launches New Website

Colorado Springs, CO (PRWEB) November 05, 2012

ResellerZoom (, a leading reseller web hosting provider, announced today a redesigned new website to support significant upgrades to all reseller hosting plans. In addition to increasing system resource allocations such as disk space and bandwidth, the company has reorganized its website and reseller service structure. Now, new and existing customers will find it easier to get a reseller hosting service that matches their specific requirements, with a range of free reseller hosting features included on every reseller hosting plan.

“At ResellerZoom, we often upgrade our reseller hosting services to give customers more for their money,” says Greg Landis, CEO at ResellerZoom. “But this time we have decided to make larger changes that go beyond a routine upgrade. We still offer a range of reseller hosting plans for different budgets, but now every plan comes with more disk space and more bandwidth than before. Our new plans also include a variety of free addons – the higher the plan, the more addons are included. All of our existing customers have been upgraded to new plans free of charge, and are now able to do more with their reseller hosting, and ultimately, generate more revenue.”

To give customers flexibility, ResellerZoom provides a wide variety of reseller web hosting services with different features. The most popular services are versions of Linux reseller hosting, which come with a choice of Linux distributions including CentOS and CloudLinux. ResellerZoom also provides Windows reseller hosting and a solution for resellers in the UK. Resellers can find a reseller hosting plan that includes the right system resources and value-adding features for the scale of their businesses.

The new upgrades raise the standard on every single ResellerZoom service. Even ResellerZoom’s most affordable plan features an impressive 10,000MB disk space, 100GB bandwidth, and the ability to divide your hosting into 25 individual plans for resale. As a result, customers are able to create more accounts, and make plans more attractive with increased hardware power. As customers move up the plan structure, they receive more hardware resources, in addition to free features that help resellers manage their accounts. Every plan includes free support tickets for end users, giving resellers the opportunity to offer world-class support without the expense. More advanced plans include a higher allocation of support tickets, as well as the Softaculous script installer, free WHMCS for billing and support, and much more.

“The more disk space and bandwidth you have, the more accounts you can sell and the more money you can make,” says Landis. “We give every reseller the resources they need to succeed, in addition to the features that make organizing and running a reseller hosting plan easy. Most of our reseller hosting plans include a free domain reseller account, access to a free shared SSL, and RVSiteBuilder. All of these tools save resellers time while making plans more attractive to potential customers and, the higher the plan that resellers choose, the more of these additional features they will receive. Every customer will see the benefit of the new upgrades to our reseller hosting services, and in most cases, the reseller hosting plans we offer have actually decreased in price. Our customers get more, for less.”

Reseller web hosting services from ResellerZoom now offer more hardware resources and more software features, at a price that has in most cases remained the same or decreased. In addition to the useful new features that have been introduced with the recent upgrades, reseller web hosting plans from ResellerZoom include the best support and service in the industry. Customers are guaranteed 100% network uptime, helping them to deliver the best possible hosting to their end users. ResellerZoom also provides an unrivaled 45-day Money Back Guarantee, allowing resellers to try a new and improved reseller hosting plan without any risk or long-term contract.

“We are proud to have upgraded our entire reseller hosting plan range, without sacrificing support and service,” says Landis. “With our Money Back Guarantee and uptime service level agreement, we are confident that resellers have more reason than ever to choose ResellerZoom. In conjunction with our new upgrades, we have launched a new website that includes easy-to-use comparison tools. Potential customers can see every plan on one convenient screen, and navigate the site with ease to learn more about our services. We are confident that every reseller will find the plan that they have been searching for.”

As an expert in reseller hosting services, ResellerZoom has a unique insight into the requirements of its customers. By increasing resource allocations by such large amounts without increasing prices, the company not only meets these expectations, but exceeds them by some distance.

Customers interested in learning more about ResellerZoom reseller hosting plans are encouraged to visit

About ResellerZoom

A division of HostingZoom (, ResellerZoom is a reseller hosting provider with a high-speed and rock-solid network infrastructure for unrivaled reliability. The company is focused on reseller web hosting services that are affordable enough to make good business sense without compromising quality of service. A 100% network uptime guarantee is the result of intelligent network design and world-class server hardware in multiple data centers around the world. In addition to stability, reseller hosting plans from ResellerZoom come with a range of features to help resellers create web hosting services that are attractive to potential customers. These features include the cPanel & WHM control panel, free branded tutorials and support materials, and domain name reseller accounts on every plan. ResellerZoom also offers UK reseller hosting from a dependable London data center.

For more information on ResellerZoom, visit

Secure128 Launches Revamped Partner Program for SSL Certificate Resellers; Program to Include Several New Delivery Vehicles for Global Partnership Demands

Atlanta, Ga, Usa (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

Secure128 nowadays formally declared the enlargement of its SSL Companion Plan to include several new possibilities for a increasing worldwide desire of distribution partners. With a globalized economic climate and growing online company community making a increased need to have for web site stability, Secure128 has positioned by itself to satisfy this desire with a portfolio of choices for SSL certificate distribution companions.


Unique to the SSL Certification distribution market is Secure128’s Integrity API and the personalized improvement possibilities that the firm gives to combine SSL goods into current offerings. The WHMCS module next release gives Secure128 a globe course business automation tool to aid firms deal with billing, assistance, buying and provisioning of SSL Certificates and any other solution. For smaller sized distributors with constrained advancement resources, Secure128’s WordPress run storefront provides flexibility over branding and content material enhancing. A retooled Administration Portal provides even the everyday reseller total administration handle of all SSL Certification performance.


“Our purpose was to give companies of all sizes and sector verticals choices to streamline the SSL item income and management processes” mentioned Anthony Capodicasa, Sr Vice President of Product sales, Secure128. “With an business ideal pricing program and now the new SSL Associate Program, Secure128 is poised to keep on its standing as the most hassle-free SSL Certification reselling system to work with globally.”


For a lot more data on Secure128 visit or Speak to directly.


Connected Whmcs Push Releases

SiteLock Launches New Partner Resource Center SECURESource

Scottsdale, Az (PRWEB) September 26, 2013

SiteLock LLC (, the world-wide chief of site safety remedies for on the internet firms, introduced today the launch of SECURESource, their redesigned and enhanced partner portal. The on-line resource has been current with new specialized integration equipment and merchandise assets, as properly as revenue and marketing and advertising resources to assist spouse marketing ambitions and income targets. With far more than $ twenty million in associate earnings generated to date, SiteLock continuously strives to make it less difficult for companions to drive further earnings while delivering excellent comprehensive site security to their buyers.


A substantial dangle-up in a lot of spouse and reseller programs is that the organizations who are ideal to resell other items to their buyer foundation also have a enterprise to run, their possess merchandise to preserve, and technical infrastructure to help. The challenge is finding the time and allocating assets to a partner task that could possibly just take absent from their company initiatives. The accurate benefit of a companion is their ability to commit to the reseller’s targets by offering the instruments, assets and group hard work to speed up integration and maximize the success of the software.


Between the enhancements obtainable via SECURESource is the up-to-date API that allows SiteLock associates that use cPanel/WHMCS or Parallels to automate their methods to offer their consumers the comprehensive suite of SiteLock web site stability merchandise with the simply click of a button. The freshly improved provisioning modules integrate quickly and seamlessly, generating it less difficult than ever for partners to configure, sell, and manage SIteLock goods. And for hosting associates and other on-line support companies that use alternate control panels and automation equipment, SiteLock supplies a custom API that includes the exact same performance and easy, flexible support provisioning.


All of the website safety resources presented immediately by SiteLock via its multi-lingual dashboard are now accessible for associates to deliver via the API. New items incorporate TrueShield world wide web software firewall, TrueSpeed website acceleration technological innovation, and PCI Compliance – all of which enhance the present line of patent-pending scanning and malware removing merchandise. So, no matter of the associate system or configuration, SiteLock, the new modules empower seamless partner integration and possibilities for consumers to provision their personal accounts and defend their web sites with a single simply click.


The newly renovated SECURESource associate portal provides a 1-cease shop for integration modules and guides, movie tutorials, item details, and income and marketing and advertising collateral. SiteLock is devoted to building effective partnerships, and to producing internet site security accessible for all on-line organizations. These new and improved resources make SiteLock web site safety a really turnkey incorporate-on for equally companions and their customers.


Future partners ought to check out for much more info, electronic mail: associates(at)sitelock(dot)com, or contact 904-437-4562. Continue to be up to date on the most recent in SiteLock spouse information on Twitter @SiteLockPartner.


About SiteLock&#thirteen

SiteLock ( / @SiteLockSecure) is a international site safety engineering and companies chief, with far more than 1,000,000 on the web businesses protected. SiteLock finds, fixes and assists avoid malware and other threats from impacting sites and their guests. The SiteLock 360-degree site protection solutions incorporate malware and vulnerability scanning, automatic malware removing, superior web site defense by way of a internet software firewall, site acceleration powered by a worldwide CDN as well as PCI Compliance and expert companies that are obtainable 24/7. Every single subscription to the services includes the SiteLock Have confidence in Seal, which is established to increase revenue and conversions by much more than ten%. As a member of a amount of cybercrime awareness and prevention associations, which includes the Anti-phishing Functioning Team (APWG), the On-line Have confidence in Alliance (OTA) and, SiteLock continuously strives to teach online organizations about the pitfalls to their internet sites and support avoid them. SiteLock was established in 2008 and is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida with offices in Scottsdale, Arizona and Boston, Massachusetts.


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