What Is Reseller Hosting? And How Can It Help My Brand Turn A Profit?

Holiday, FL (PRWEB) July 31, 2012

Inerol Solutions, the Florida web hosting powerhouse, is excited to announce its latest money-making solution for smaller web hosting firms – reseller hosting. “Our reseller hosting solution gives an entrepreneur all of the tools to start making profit under their own brand,” said Robert Nikic, Inerol Solutions President and CEO. “Many clients have had a large success rate with our reseller hosting solution and are sustaining hundreds, if not thousands of clients”

What Is Reseller Hosting?

Inerol Solutions Reseller Hosting solution is an innovative product offering interested web hosting industry entrepreneurs to open their very own web hosting company (white-label) by purchasing and parceling out one of Inerol Solutions special reseller hosting packages. Backed by Inerol Solutions award-winning SuperHero Powered Support, with 100% uptime, high-end Dell and HP powered web hosting servers, a free migration service, an easy to use cPanel/WHM Control Panel and so much more, a purchased reseller hosting account can easily be broken up and shared into smaller accounts; this allows entrepreneurs to either resell accounts to turn a profit or use them separately across multiple owned websites.

A perfect companion to Inerol Solutions popular InstaSite Business solution, for as little as $ 24.94 a month, Reseller Hosting packages come fully loaded with everything a web hosting entrepreneur needs to start their very own web hosting company, including:

    cPanel/WHM (Web Host Manager) Account
    Free domain name
    Free WHMCS billing/support system license
    Unlimited reseller account limit
    RVSiteBuilder for customers
    Domain reseller account
    Private name servers
    And more!

About Inerol Solutions:

Inerol Solutions has quickly become one of the internet’s top web hosting services; it was even given a nod as WHIR’s (Web Host Industry Review) “hottest hosts” in January 2012. Founded by current President and CEO Robert Nikic in Holiday, Florida, Inerol Solutions offers multiple web hosting and development solutions for businesses large and small.

To learn more about Inerol Solutions, visit: http://www.inerol.com

For more on Inerol Solutions Reseller Hosting solution, visit: http://www.inerol.com/reseller-hosting/

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WordPress Client Server Help?

Question by –: WordPress Client Server Help?
I have already set up an account with WordPress, and now I am trying to upload this theme that I have on my computer that I downloaded from the WordPress Theme Gallery, I’ve already downloaded the FileZilla program needed, but I am stuck on what to put into the host, username, and password. I don’t know where to get the IP or host name that was “supposed” to be given on WordPress. Can anyone please help? Thank you so, so much in advance!

Best answer:

Answer by Peter B.
WordPress is the name of not only the free blog site, WordPress.com, but the actual software that powers your blog. Anybody can download the WordPress software, it’s free to do so.

If by ‘set up an account with WordPress’ you mean you’ve set up a free WordPress blog at www.wordpress.com, unfortunately you can’t upload custom themes. If you’ve got a WordPress blog hosted somewhere else then you will need to contact your host.

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Q&A: Help! I have problem with my WordPress website!?

Problem by azzurra: Support! I have difficulty with my WordPress internet site!?
I have a hosted wordpress site, using Autofoc concept and nextGen gallery plugin for the images. I do not know what transpired, but now the photos on the primary web page are not loading, it was functioning good this early morning, and now it’s displaying question marks. Make sure you aid! My URL is www.rougedesignhouse.ca

Finest answer:

Response by Windowphobe
Appears like they are there now. Server timeout, maybe?

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help pick out the best wordpress portfolio theme?

Question by D: assist decide on out the greatest wordpress portfolio theme?
Im making an attempt to set a website together and have a wordpress one all set up. but the free of charge themes are horrible and id like something fun/proffessional to host my art. it would also be amazing if it lets me design the qualifications for it as well…and effortlessly add it all. Im inclined to shell out like 40 – 50 bux for a theme. if you have received any ideas (not just a internet site with thousands and thousands of them) permit me know. I’ve currently looked at hundreds and they all just blur into a single appropriate now. I just want to see one particular or two great themes if you know of any.

many thanks!

Best answer:

Solution by Rose
Pay a visit to this blog site. But, I personally advised that you go for Thesis Theme. http://bloggermaniacs.com/

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I have a problem with index.php – wordpress theme. Help!?

Query by Dame: I have a issue with index.php – wordpress theme. Assist!?
I set up my new wordpress concept but I hold acquiring this error on the property page of the theme.

Warning: incorporate(layouts/) [purpose.contain]: failed to open stream: Operation not permitted in /hosted/subs/ulmb.com/a/r/artnetwork/pub… on line 13

Warning: contain(layouts/) [purpose.incorporate]: failed to open stream: Operation not permitted in /hosted/subs/ulmb.com/a/r/artnetwork/pub… on line 13

Warning: contain() [operate.include]: Failed opening ‘layouts/’ for inclusion (contain_path=’.:/usr/regional/share/pear’) in /hosted/subs/ulmb.com/a/r/artnetwork/pub… on line thirteen

Greatest remedy:

Answer by Colanth
Set up WordPress to the root directory, not deep down in the tree, the way you did.

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