How hard is it to write a wordpress theme to fit into an existing site?

Problem by Chris K: How difficult is it to create a wordpress concept to in shape into an present website?
Wordpress is up and operating on my host — but it totally mismatches my site’s current theme/CSS. How tough would it be to modify/publish a new concept to make it fit in? Is there an less difficult way to do this?

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Reply by G. Whilikers
It may possibly take some time to wrap your head about the theming system but it boils down to defining a stylesheet file for the concept and at minimum a single PHP page template primarily based on the master ‘look’ of your website. Include PHP code in strategic spots to insert the title, posts, widgets, and so on. and let WordPress do the large lifting. Look at other themes as examples, especially the ones that declare to be simple and CSS-oriented, they should be easier to decipher.

Almost everything you want to know is the following:

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