Can I get paid for buying or referring domain names?

Issue by Michael: Can I get paid out for buying or referring domain names?

I am a Computer science graduate who usually receives requested to buy domains. I was pondering if I can:

* Combine an API into a internet site the place the customer can purchase domain names from. If so, exactly where would be the very best spot to commence?
* Can I get a lower, for buying or referring domain businesses? if so, which company delivers the finest commission?

Thank you

Ideal reply:

Response by Adil
Hi there,

There is not a lot revenue in area names, simply because of enormous opposition. But you can earn huge by marketing web internet hosting or web site developing services.
By the way, firms like give you facility to resell domain names for the price tag you can market at. 1 area will value you almost $ 9 to $ 11 usually, and then it is your hard work which will make you make income, if you can discover some individuals who can purchase a area for $ 30.
All this can be completed instantly utilizing a software named WHMCS, you need to have to buy its license for virtually $ 250 and then you can be in a position to generate a internet site, where you can sell area names from Enom, routinely and can acquire payments and deal with consumers extremely effectively.

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Q&A: how do I keep my domain name, but move to another webhosting company?

Question by fernandez8607: how do I keep my domain name, but move to another webhosting company?
I have a website and I am not happy with the web hosting company. I know that I can keep the name, because I registered the name. What other steps do I need to take and can you suggest other companies for designing website and hosting?

Best answer:

Answer by Brandon
If you control your name, you just need to point the dns servers where you have it registered to the new host account.

For excellent support and very reliable service, I do like ICDSoft best. There are cheaper. They are, um, cheaper.

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What should i need to know before i register a domain name?

Query by dvs_skate11: What should i need to have to know prior to i sign-up a domain name?
I was pondering about registering a domain title, and i wished to know what sorts of factors i need to know just before i commence.

I know XHTML, CSS, and a little bit of Java Script, but other than the actualy web site ought to i know any variety of encryption or protection practices?

Also are there any domain registrars you advocate? Probably one particular that contains internet hosting, or vice versa.

Very best reply:

Answer by lnbjameson
I have been transferring all my domains to GoDaddy for simplicity of taking care of them all in 1 place. Furthermore, I’m transferring my web hosting to Hostgator. You can learn much more at the internet site detailed in the supply.

For protection motives, I would use an encrypted electronic mail address or an offsite get in touch with form relatively than just placing your e-mail handle on your internet site.

Furthermore, for a new site – the fastest way to get it outlined in the lookup engines is by generating a Sitemap.xml, and you can even notify look for engines about it in your robots.txt file in addition to distributing it to them.

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Q&A: what is the best free domain hosting service?

Question by dojo369: what is the best free domain hosting service?
I’m looking for one that has no downtime and url forwarding. And possibly no ads if I did ever plan to develop the site. If not free then what other web hosting service provides said benefits for a low cost and maybe has unlimited domain names.

Best answer:

Answer by Brett
I’ve tried many and haven’t been able to find any good free ones. I broke down and use hostgator now. If you want I have a coupon for a free couple months. Send me an email or IM me.

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How to design a web for free and getting its domain?

Issue by Franky: How to layout a web for free of charge and acquiring its domain?
Franky talking I acquired a site to created and I acquired money for designing it but I genuinely dont know any thing about the designing and world wide web web hosting. I need to have a suggestion what really should I do know

Finest answer:

Answer by Kai
the site can assist you

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Free WordPress hosting and Domain Name?

Issue by thewindowsfreak: Totally free WordPress hosting and Domain Title?
Is there any services that will allow me host my personal WordPress Blog for totally free, I never want to use or web sites like that, simply because you won’t be able to use plugins or custom themes.

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Finest solution:

Response by PoorOne
Yes there are plenty of totally free internet hosting and domain title. Google no cost domain and totally free hosting with php and mySQL

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