What is the best software package to use to develop websites.?

Question by who m: What is the best software package to use to develop websites.?
I just bought a domain name and want to develop a website(s). What’s the best software package to use. Also, I want to maintain maximum control of the site so what’s the best way to proceed as far as hosting goes. Names? Suggestions? etc Thank you!

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Answer by YoungIT
It depends on how savvy you are really. My first website was developed using notepad. Microsoft frontpage and Macromedia Dreamweaver are pretty much like using a word processor and if your host has frontpage extensions you can pretty seamlessly publish your site directly from the program. Dreamweaver lets you upload your site using FTP from within the program. I’ve used both, and I prefer frontpage for ease of use, while Dreamweaver is the standard (or used to be). Nowadays though I found it was easier to just use wordpress and find a theme I like. There’s also a hosting company called Squarespace who’s website lets you click and drag things around to design your page from the website. I’ve heard good things about it but haven’t tried it…I use Godaddy and wordpress for 2 of my sites and frontpage and godaddy for the third.

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