RuneScape – Kevyomen – The Ultimate Slayer Guide – Part 3/5

Hi everyone! As you will expect, there is ALOT of details in this guide and that’s not all, You are going to read a LONG description About this video and things I didn’t wrote in the video and my videos projects for the future on YouTube. First of all I expected to make 2 videos for my 400th Subscriber’s day, but that video took me ages to make/record/edit and etc. I want’d to make a MONEY MAKING PART 5 with ALOT of ways to make cash and I have a Money making secret wich I will reveal, this will be the first video to reveal this secret. I will do it when I’ll have the time. Since the summer began, I never played over 10minute on RuneScape (expected Hypercam recording). Im always outside and I enjoy my summer. I will make this money making video as soon as I can =). By the way, I will soon make a video “how to download Hypercam2 AND how to download Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 WITHOUT PAYING ANYTHING! I won’t make a bank video soon coz I lost like 15m in 3 days coz of prices caused by pvp updates and I never play so I don’t make cash lol. The banks video will come back ’till the end of summer. When I’ll start playing RuneScape back, I’ll get 99 Defence and I will make a 99 def party on record and put on YouTube. My next Ultimate Slayer Guide Video (Part 4) Will be as same as this one (so I name some monsters and I show how to slay them. The Part 5 might be How to slay All Dragons and Skeletal wyverns. (won’t be availaible before like september/october). 🙂

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